Enjoy Your Honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta

Enjoy your honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta, the honeymoon paradise of Mexico. The enchanting city Pacific coast honeymoon destination offers natural beauty, exciting activities, and magical moments that you will treasure forever. All over the world there are plenty of honeymoon spots that you can choose to go, and it can be hard to select just one place for your honeymoon, but if you really want a romantic honeymoon, then Puerto Vallarta is the choice. Below are just five reasons why Puerto Vallarta is the romantic honeymoon location that you should choose.

  1. Deluxe Treatment – Are you looking for deluxe treatment, luxurious vacationing, and the best of the best for your honeymoon? If you are, then a honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta offers this and more. Puerto Vallarta has the best luxury resorts along with delicious dining and amazing spas. When it is time for you to pick the destination for your honeymoon you can rest assure that Puerto Vallarta has been known for being one of the most luxurious honeymoon places worldwide. When you pick Puerto Vallarta for your honeymoon you will be treated like royalty.
  2. Traditions and Culture – The Puerto Vallarta resorts offers luxury and royalty to their honeymoon guests, but that isn’t all you will experience. When you head downtown you will really experience Mexico in a way that you can’t experience any other way. The buildings feature a colonial appeal, and the streets are lined in cobblestone, so any activity you are doing day or night in downtown Puerto Vallarta will bring a sense of romantic charm.
  3. Love and Romance – Try to imagine a place where around every corner you will find an excuse for love and romance. Puerto Vallarta is just that. Even Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, two famous Hollywood celebrities chose Puerto Vallarta for their own exclusive hideaway. A few romantic things that you will see in Puerto Vallarta are the breathtaking sunsets that occur each evening, musicians that walk the streets to serenade you, and fireworks that are set off each night but a picturesque pirate ship on the Malecon. No matter if you are on a private cruise on Banderas Bay, on the beach strolling along with your spouse, or sipping champagne and eating fresh strawberries enjoying the views, you will experience love and romance.
  4. Prepare Your Eyes for a Feast – Prepare your eyes for a feast while on your honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta offers truly stunning landscapes: green, enchanted tropical forests or the beaches lined with palm trees, together you will be surrounded by Mother Nature fully. The crystal clear sapphire colored waters stretch out forever from the golden sandy shores of Puerto Vallarta. It is a beautiful sight to see as the sun starts to set, then you have the perfect background for your honeymoon every evening.
  5. A Honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta with Excitement – You will never be bored on your honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta. You will have a honeymoon with excitement. There are a variety of activities that you can embark on, which include a day on the ocean, tours of the exciting jungles, and to end each evening walking hand in hand down our beautiful beaches. How exciting and rewarding will that be for your honeymoon? Choose a honeymoon that offers excitement and romance here in Puerto Vallarta.