Is Discount Vacation Hotels a Scam?

In what ways is Discount Vacation Hotels a scam? Or indeed is Discount Vacation Hotels a scam?

There is an easy way to answer both of these questions. Discount Vacation Hotels is not a scam, there is no danger of you losing your money or being duped into any fraudulent activities. Rather than a scam, Discount Vacation Hotels is a travel agent that offers highly reduced rates for vacation accommodations in some of the best destinations in Mexico.

Part of the reason that some people question the validity of Discount Vacation Hotels’ offers is because they seem far too cheap to be real. However, there are valid explanations for how Discount Vacation Hotels can offer such budget all inclusive and room only packages, which are explained below.

In what ways is Discount Vacation Hotels not a scam?

Discount Vacation Hotels is a provider of low cost vacation packages to destinations in Mexico that include, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Loreto and Cancun. Because Discount Vacation Hotels specialize in Mexico vacations, the travel agency is able to provide very lowest prices having formed long standing professional relationships with hotels and resorts in each of these destinations. You will find the lowest prices on the internet for both all inclusive and room only packages in any of the aforementioned Mexico destinations.

Another way that Discount Vacation Hotels is not a scam and able to offer its customers the lowest prices is because there is a special condition that accompanies the offer. Firstly, only selected households or those that qualify for its discounts will receive the low price offers. In order to check to see if you qualify, you must speak to a Discount Vacation Hotels agent who will verify that you meet all the criteria to enjoy the budget package deals. There is no scam involved – if you qualify, you will receive the discount.

Once you have passed the qualification process, you will be able to choose which Discount Vacation Hotels offer you wish to take. You must then agree to go to a presentation when you arrive at your destination. This sales talk usually takes place the day after you arrive. The presentation is not a scam; you will be guided through genuine vacation ownership opportunities. If you decide not to buy anything, there is no obligation, nor will you be hounded after the presentation – you are free to enjoy your vacation as you please.

If you still have doubts about whether Discount Vacation Hotels is a scam. Look for customer reviews or go to for more information.