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5 Reasons to Join a Vacation Club

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Vacation clubs like RCI, Universal Vacation Club or Interval International offer a service to both timeshare owners and members who do not have a timeshare property but have bought into the scheme. How they work is that members either enter their timeshare property in exchange for points, or simply buy points equivalent to those of a timeshare unit. The points then offer complete flexibility as members use their points to vacation when and where they want for the time that they wish.

    See below for the top 5 benefits of joining a vacation club:

  1. Cost effective
  2. Value for money is one of the key benefits of joining a vacation club or owning a timeshare. Large families in particular can take advantage of spacious accommodations which usually include fully equipped kitchens, lounge and dining areas and often laundry facilities. In comparison to renting hotel rooms, vacation clubs can save you money and ensure a comfortable stay for all the family. In addition, vacation clubs frequently offer special deals and discounts for members; sometimes there are concessions in local stores, restaurants and services.

  3. Flexibility
  4. The key advantage to joining a vacation club is flexibility. Whether you already have a timeshare or not, the clubs give you the freedom to visit different places with quality assurance and to choose the dates and conditions of your vacation. For example, the points system allows you to tailor your vacation to your needs. One year you may use your points for two weeks in a one bedroom suite while the next you decide to spend the points on an all inclusive weekend in a deluxe hotel. The beauty of vacation clubs is that you can mix and match to suit you. Being a vacation club member rather than timeshare owner also allows for last minute vacation plans.

  5. Quality
  6. Vacation clubs deal with the best quality properties, guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Their reputation hangs on delivering superior services and each unit is classified using particular criteria to ensure that customers get like for like properties if swapping and clients buying points receive great value for money. The units are commonly well equipped with top of the range furniture and common areas are of a high quality.

  7. Ease
  8. One of the main attractions of joining a vacation club is just how easy it is to take a vacation. Booking vacations can be a stressful thing, but vacation clubs take the work out of organizing your trip. Big families in particularly can find booking enough hotel rooms a chore but with timeshare properties, it is much easier to accommodate the whole family in style and comfort. As members, you simply book online or by telephone, trusting that you are going to receive a quality product.

  9. Top Locations
  10. Finally, timeshare companies have shown time and time again that they have the nose for a destination. You can pretty much guarantee a great location when choosing to join a vacation club. A lot of research is carried out before timeshare resorts are built and members reap the benefit of their expertise.


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