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Are Timeshare’s Cost Effective?

There is no doubt that buying a timeshare is not going to make your rich; however, contrary to many skeptics, buying a timeshare can save you money on your vacations in the long run. Most reputable timeshare companies these days are very careful about overselling the idea that one day you could sell your timeshare or rent it for a profit. In fact, the main benefits of vacation ownership are more to do with convenience, experience and quality than making returns on your investment. So, how can buying a timeshare save you money?

Firstly, owning a timeshare generally costs much less overall than if you were to rent a similar quality unit of the same size in the same destination. Likewise, you buy your timeshare at the prices quoted today, which will to all intents and purposes mean that the cost of your vacation is frozen in time. Furthermore, in contrast to full ownership, you do not have the initial outlay of buying furniture and decorating the property nor are you responsible for the sole maintenance as repair costs are shared amongst all owners and organized by the timeshare operator.

The size of timeshare properties will also work in your favor to cut the cost of your vacations. Timeshare units are usually much bigger than hotel rooms, and many include extra sofa beds and Murphy beds so that you can maximize the occupancy of your unit to fit all the family. That way you will save on renting additional rooms. Similarly, timeshare condos generally have full kitchens and dining areas where you can prepare meals and save money on eating at restaurants all the time. These are all side benefits of timeshare that many people forget to take into consideration when budgeting.

Finally, owning a timeshare encourages most people to be more organized about planning their vacation, therefore it becomes second nature to reserve your flights with plenty of time ensuring the best prices. You might also find that your timeshare operator or vacation club has additional benefits for members such as discounted car rental or restaurant vouchers.