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Better Business Bureau for Complaints

Better Business Bureau for Complaints

A service for the consumers with over seventy five years of dedication and experience is the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau helps a company gain respect for their customers by accredited their company with the Better Business Bureau’s ‘seal of approval’.

Better Business Bureau for Complaints

Any company that has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau will get to use their seal of approval on their business door and window, website, products, and marketing information.

The Better Business Bureau or (BBB) is what is known in Canada and in the USA. When a consumer is looking for security and high standards with a company and see’s the BBB has accredited the company, then they know that they will not be scammed. The Federal Trade Commission is very similar to the BBB as they are both are a non-profit organization that has no ties to the government. They are only offering a free service to benefit consumers.

It is easy to check on a company as a consumer can call the BBB directly or visit their website. Consumers can check on any organization, business, or charity, and you will see if they are scammers or misleading. When a consumer sees the BBB seal of approval, then you will know immediately that this company is a legitimate and trustworthy company, which will keep you from being scammed, especially by a new company offering a service that you don’t know about. Every business that is with the BBB will have to always follow the BBB’s standards and the rules that they set forth.

Every business will have information collected by them by the Better Business Bureau, and that business doesn’t necessarily have to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau will process any complaints to the business to the owner, then the owner has a chance to resolve the issues made by the complaint filer. The resolution process is in place and the owner of the business has a certain amount of time to resolve the problem, then the bad feedback will be removed from the company.

Helping Consumers with complaints

The BBB has helped owners resolve over seventy percent of all complaints left by consumers. If you have a complaint that you would like to make about a business, then contact the Better Business Bureau today, so you can get your issues resolved.