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Beware Unsolicited Timeshare Attorney Offers

Do you own a Villa del Palmar timeshare or are a member of Villa Preferred Access?

Have you received an unsolicited telephone call from a timeshare attorney asking you to join a class action suit against the Villagroup?

If the answers to the above questions are yes, then you have been involved in the latest class action scam to hit the timeshare industry. This particular scam appears to be targeting the most popular timeshare developers and there have already been many cases reported where Villa del Palmar timeshare owners or Villa Preferred Access members have received cold calls from someone claiming to be a timeshare attorney. The Villagroup is therefore taking measures to warn its members to beware of any such phone calls.

The danger is not so much in what the caller claims, but in the personal details they are soliciting from Villagroup timeshare members under the guise of being a timeshare attorney. There has yet to be proof of any connection between the fraudulent timeshare attorney callers and some questionable timeshare forums. In any case, all timeshare owners, including those who may be tempted by what seems to be on offer, should be very wary of trusting the callers.