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Cabo Landmarks: El Arco

El Arco, (or Land’s End) is easily the most famous landmark in Cabo San Lucas and rightly so. You cannot avoid it on the horizon and many resorts, like Villa del Palmar and Villa del Arco offer spectacular views of the arches from their suites as well as the resorts’ communal facilities like the pools and restaurants.

The rock formation rises from the water in an impressive arch, like a water serpent or the tail of a dragon, and has been carved by the tides over the centuries where the Sea of Cortes and the Pacific Ocean join. It makes the perfect backdrop for a photo or underwater adventure at the very tip of Baja California.

The name of El Arco in English, “Lands End” is supposed to come from the fact that if you travel due south from the point of the arches, you will reach the South Pole without seeing land mass; therefore you have reached Land’s End! You will be please to hear however, that the temperatures in Cabo San Lucas are a far cry from the South Pole and you will enjoy balmy sunny weather no matter what season you arrive.

It is easy to enjoy the beauty of Lands End from Cabo San Lucas mainland, but you can also take a tour that will bring you up close to these impressive arches. From Cabo San Lucas Marina, you can take a water taxi with a glass bottom or hire a crewed yacht for the day. Some fishing trips may also offer the opportunity to stop off and explore El Arco for a while.

If you decide to take a closer look of El Arco, you will certainly enjoy the beaches which are the only ones in the world where you can enter both a sea and an ocean! Lover’s beach is perfect for swimming and snorkeling, while Divorce Beach’s waters are off limits, owing to the harsh currents and dangerous tides. There is also a lovely cave that joins the two beaches.

If you are planning on taking a snorkeling or diving tour, then a trip to Lands End is worth your while. You will enjoy a great amount of exotic marine life and pleasant currents and water temperature. You may even be lucky enough to see a sea lion, as the animals visit El Arco to breed. An underwater camera is also a must so that you can take photos to make your friends jealous on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.