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How to Save Money in Cabo San Lucas

Although sightings of celebrities and billionaires are a common occurrence in Cabo San Lucas, you do not in fact have to be a millionaire to enjoy a Cabo vacation. Vacations in Cabo San Lucas can be pretty cheap if you know who to plan your accommodation, flights and spending habits while  you are there.

Deciding where you will stay is the first thing to influence how expensive your vacation in Cabo San Lucas is going to be. Look for discounts on the web or in local newspapers and reserve as soon as possible before those cheap tariffs disappear.

Avoid traveling during peak holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas as you are not likely to get cheap accommodation anywhere during those times. The summer vacations are still more expensive than other times of the year but the dates are less concentrated and you can still find great deals, especially as for Cabo, summer is low season. The high season for Cabo San Lucas is during the winter when tourism from the US and Canada is at its highests trying to avoid the snow and freezing temperatures.

The cost of your flight is going to be another area where you can save or spend more money on a trip to Cabo San Lucas. Look for budget airlines and charters that bring down the cost of flying to Cabo San Lucas.

Choosing an all inclusive resort can be one way of saving money in Cabo if you are likely to spend most of your time at the resort. All inclusive is a great way of pre-budgeting and calculating your spending. Look for Cabo San Lucas deals where kids go free or you get an extra night at a discounted rate.

Shop around for tours before you buy. There are many timeshare promoters who can offer you some great discounts on tours in Cabo if you play your cards right. There are many activities to enjoy in Cabo San Lucas, so if you are on a tight budget and looking to save money, calculate the cost of each one and decide which are essential – for example, you might find that one of your kids really wants to swim with dolphins while the other wants to go on a canopy tour but you can’t afford for the whole family to go to both. You could split the family for the day or just pay for the child who really wants to do the activity and see if you can observe for free.

Buy from vendors rather than shops. Buying from street and beach vendors will be cheaper and you will find there is more chance to haggle. Preferably avoid buying from the hotel shops or boutiques and help support the local community. You will save money and contribute to the locals directly.