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Interval International Exchanges

Interval International Exchanges

The travel industry is continuing to grow each and every year, which allows people to have more vacation options in a way that is more economical. One way that people can organize their vacations is by becoming a member with Interval International Exchanges, which is a reputable international vacation exchange club.

Interval International Exchanges – A Top Vacation Club

Interval International is a top vacation club with almost 2 million members, and they are the second largest vacation exchange club worldwide. Interval International exchanges offer club members direct timeshare exchanges, non-owner rentals, point trading and private residence services. This top international vacation club has been in the industry for nearly forty years and works with over 2,800 top resorts in 75 countries. When you become a member with Interval International, then you will be privileged to high standards, high quality services and the best leisure services, so your vacation will meet your expectation.

Interval Timeshare Services Provided

Interval International provides its members with a variety of services. First of all, if you are currently a timeshare owner with a resort, then Interval’s vacation club allows you to swap your week of timeshare for another week in another destination and you can also exchange your week for points that you can use toward accommodations.

If you are a member with Interval International you can also buy additional points, then you can use these points for a larger suite, a longer vacation, or high standard accommodations or hotels. Interval International exchanges allow members to carry over their points each year, then have a longer, but more luxurious vacation, and also allows club members to exchange their timeshare weeks to go towards a cruise.

You don’t have to own a timeshare or have purchased any points to rent a shared property with Interval International exchanges. This company provides members with a short term membership or a trial membership, so you can see how the membership works before you purchase a full membership. Interval International exchanges also use different services without using or exchanging points, so you can save your points for another vacation.

Being a member with Interval International will provide you with all types of discounts, which include air flights, car rentals, and many other great deals.