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Interval International Timeshare

The travel and leisure industry is an ever growing market with more and more options for people to organize their vacations in effortless and economical ways. One of the ways in which you can streamline your vacations is by becoming a member of a vacation club like Interval International.

Who are Interval International?

With just under 2 million members, Interval International is the second largest vacation club in the world. The services it offers ranges from direct timeshare exchanges and points swapping to private residence club services and non-owner rentals. For close to 40 years, Interval has been collaborating with over 2,800 resorts in more than 75 countries and deals with the most reputable timeshare companies in the industry, such as Villa Group.

Interval Timeshare Services

There are a number of ways that Interval is an attractive option for members. Firstly, if you are a timeshare owner, the vacation club enables you to perform a straight swap on your timeshare week on a like-for-like basis for another destination or even exchange the week for points that you can then use flexibly to rent accommodations.

Likewise, you can join the vacation club buying points directly. When using the points system you exchange the points for accommodations and have greater flexibility over how long you stay and in what kind of unit. You can even carry over points from one year to the next and have a more luxurious vacation the following year or a larger unit, for example. With Interval, you can also exchange timeshare weeks or points for cruise vacations.

If you do not own a timeshare or have not bought points, as a member you can also rent timeshare properties that have been offered by other members. Often these short-term memberships are a stepping stone to full membership as you try out the products to see if the vacation club model works for you. In a similar way, as a timeshare or points owner, Interval also offers you the chance to use their services without swapping or using your points, in the case that you want to take an additional vacation, for example.

Finally, by becoming a member of Interval you can also take advantage of the various discounts given for flights and car rentals, besides other deal and offers.