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Looking for a Timeshare Attorney?

If you are seeking someone to represent you in claim against a timeshare scam you should first recognize the differences in the services that a timeshare lawyer can offer you and a timeshare attorney.

Firstly, you should be aware that being classified as a lawyer does not necessarily mean that they are able to represent you in a court of law. If a person has been to law school and graduated then they are considered a lawyer. If they then take bar exams and specialize in a particular branch of law they can then qualify for the title of attorney

Timeshare Lawyers can offer you good legal advice and provide consultation services. That may be a good place to start if you suspect that you have been involved in a timeshare scam. However, if your case goes to court, then you will have to contract a timeshare attorney, who may or may not specialize in timeshare but should at least have knowledge of consumer rights in the country where the timeshare was purchased. Remember, only a timeshare attorney will be able to represent your claim.

Most reputable timeshare companies will have their own timeshare attorneys and lawyers to ensure that contracts are legal and binding. Sometimes timeshare operators will employ attorneys if owners fail to pay their maintenance fees.