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Mexican Timeshare Solutions – Scam or Solution?

Mexican Timeshare Solutions – Scam or Solution

There are so many scams that you should be aware of when you are wanting to find an honest Mexican timeshare solution. If you are looking to purchase a Mexican timeshare or you already own a timeshare and you would like to resell it or maybe you want to rent your current timeshare out, then there are scam artists out there that you have to beware of. There are many companies that claim they can sell, rent, or cancel your timeshare which are in fact scams. Find out how to protect yourself from any Mexican timeshare solution scam artists or timeshare resale artists.

Are you Looking for Mexican Timeshare Solutions?

Companies claiming to offer Mexican timeshare solutions often tell their customers that they can cancel your Mexican timeshare with no problem and get all of your money back. If you go to their websites, then you will see so called ‘testimonials’ from so called customers that say that their timeshare was canceled with no problems and that they got their money back. I have seen sites claiming that it was possible to cancel timeshare purchases with genuine Mexican timeshare companies such as Villa Group, Velas Vallarta, Mayan Palace and so forth. This rings alarm bells, as it is impossible to cancel a timeshare bought from a genuine timeshare company, as there is unlikely to be legal grounds for cancellation or a scam. The likelihood is that the Mexican timeshare solutions companies are either cancelling the timeshare during the free cancellation period (in which case, there is no cost!) or claiming that the timeshare loan payments have been cancelled when in fact, you have simply defaulted on your loan. Either way, it smells like a scam.

Legally Cancelling your Mexican Timeshares

If you have purchased a timeshare in Mexico and the cooling off period has passed, then legally you are not able to break the contract unless you go to court. When you go to court you must prove that you have been lied to in the contract for the timeshare or that you have been involved in a scam. The timeshare companies that are mentioned above are all reputable, so it will be very difficult for you to prove misrepresentation or scam, because these timeshare companies sell a legitimate product to their customers. The real scammers are the companies that claim they can cancel your timeshare. If you have a problem with the timeshare that you have purchased, then you should contact the timeshare company directly. Avoid using a third party for your Mexican timeshare solutions. You may think your timeshare contract has been cancelled, and when in reality it hasn’t and you have defaulted on your loan.

Save Yourself the Need for Mexican Timeshare Solutions

If you want to be safe from being scammed by a Mexican timeshare solutions company, then make sure you read your contract thoroughly before you sign. Any timeshare company that is legit and reputable will have a VLO (Verification Loan Officer) that will assist you with any questions you have with the contract, then make sure you understand it fully. Ask all the questions while you are with the VLO and make sure you are totally clear before you sign the contract.