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Mexico Vacation Packing Tips

Mexico vacation packing tips

If you are taking a Mexico vacation to one of the major beach destinations this year or next, check out these top Mexico vacation packing tips. With increased strictness at airports over weight limits, you will be glad that you did. Number 5 might surprise you!

Mexico Vacation Packing Tips:

Mexico vacation packing tips

1. Choose a Color Scheme

Packing light doesn’t mean that your style has to go out of the window. Choose one or two complementary color schemes and pack clothes, accessories and shoes that all match. You will find that you can combine more clothes and therefore avoid bringing extra items you don’t need. This is particularly important to reduce the amount of heavy shoes you need to bring.

2. Pack Half a Suitcase

One of the best Mexico vacation packing tips is to always pack half your weight allowance for your outward journey. That way you know you can fill it with the wonderful things you wish to buy on your Mexico Vacation. Another tip is to pack your things in a smaller carry-on size suitcase (the biggest your airline accepts) and put it inside a larger suitcase so that when you return, you have an extra suitcase that you can fill and take on board with you as well as extra space in your main suitcase.

3. Leave your towels at home

If you are staying in a half decent hotel, you won’t need to bring towels. Save space on beach towels by using a sarong for lying on, or buy a colorful Mexican beach towel when you arrive, donating it to your maid when you leave.

4. Bring a Tablet or iPad (buy one at the airport if you haven’t got one!)

Another of the good Mexico vacation packing tips is to save space and weight on books and magazines by bringing a tablet, preferably one that you can double as a camera.

5. Use a Small Rucksack for Heavy Carry On

If you need extra weight, you might think about putting as many heavy items as possible in your carry-on luggage. However, nowadays some airlines are getting savvy and make you weigh carry-on bags that look heavy. Generally speaking, if you are carrying your (ultra heavy) bag in your arms or on your back, you give the impression that it is not heavy. A little acting could save you some excess baggage charges!

6. Pack Enough Medication

Make sure you do not run out of your medication while on a Mexico vacation. You cannot guarantee that you will find the exact medication that you need.

If you have any more Mexico vacation packing tips to share, please comment below.