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Mexico Vacations – Beach Destinations

Dolphins at Sea of Cortez Sanctuary

If there is one thing Mexico does best, is to provide the greatest destinations for a beach vacation. Surrounded by oceans and seas on both sides of the country, it is no wonder that visitors are spoiled for choice about where to go on beach vacation in Mexico.

Caribbean Haven

Cancun is a top choice among visitors to Mexico looking for a Caribbean vacation. Conveniently located on the Yucatan Peninsula on the Atlantic side of Mexico, European tourists as well as Northern American holidaymakers can arrive easily and relatively cheaply.

The sea and beaches in Cancun are incomparable, offering that Caribbean flavor with all the charm of Mexico mainland. The food is another attraction as local recipes are combined with Mexican favorites for a wonderful fusion of modern and ancient Mexico.

The cultural and historical attractions of Cancun also make it stand out above the rest as you can visit a number of Mayan ruins during your vacation, including the famous Chichen Itza as well as smaller ruins located in Cancun itself.

Pacific Paradise

On the Pacific coast you have the choice between Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta, two closely related beach destinations that sit upon Banderas Bay. Puerto Vallarta benefits from the sublime protection of the Sierra Madre Mountains that stand proudly covered in tropical vegetation, while Nuevo Vallarta enjoys one the longest stretches of beach on the bay.

The two fabulous beach destinations are within 40 minutes of each other with Puerto Vallarta airport perfectly located between the two. Nuevo Vallarta’s hotel zone boasts some of the best beachfront hotels in Mexico but it is always worth making the effort to visit Puerto Vallarta with its shops, stunning boardwalk, restaurants and buzzing nightlife.

Sea of Cortez Sanctuary

Dolphins at Sea of Cortez Sanctuary

On Baja California’s Sea of Cortez the Islands of Loreto wait patiently for visitors to discover their quaint town and idyllic surroundings. This is a beach destination for those looking for something totally luxurious but very low-key. Loreto is about subtle experiences and quality.

Snorkeling and diving is one of the main attractions with the protected marine reserve drawing visitors from all over the world. Loreto is the perfect beach vacation destination for relaxation.

Cabo Bliss

Cabo San Lucas continues to be one of the most popular beach destinations for fun loving visitors looking to relax as well as explore. The beaches are spectacular stretches of soft yellow sand with the famous rock arches at Land’s End dominating the skyline.

Adventure is certainly on the menu in Cabo San Lucas with a host of excursions on land and sea to take you out of your comfort zone. In winter, it is a great spot for whale watching and you may see seals and sea lions almost any time of the year. And because of its southern location, temperatures make it a beach destination worth visiting throughout the year.

Gastronomy is also an attraction in Cabo San Lucas with culinary events taking place at various times during high season, November till April.