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Puerto Vallarta Art

Puerto Vallarta public art

Puerto Vallarta is a wonderful city for those interested in art: from public art to art galleries, and even traditional cultural art, Puerto Vallarta art has it all!

Puerto Vallarta Art Galleries

Puerto Vallarta has developed a sparkling reputation for hosting a diverse selection of galleries which feature Mexican art, contemporary art, photography and prints, designer jewellery, and even ceramics! If you consider yourself a bit of an art lover then you’ll definitely be delighted by the quality and variety of art available in Puerto Vallarta’s galleries.

Public Art in Puerto Vallarta

Public art is somewhat of a speciality of Puerto Vallarta’s; the Malecon is a perfect example of this. This venerable boardwalk called the Malecon is lined with sculptures, some of which are interactive, which were created by beloved Mexican artists like Ramiz Barquet, Alejandro Colunga, Sergio Bustamante, and Jonas Gutierrez. You can also take an official tour, led by an English speaking guide who is a local gallery owner, or just wander down the promenade by yourself. You will also see a large number of startlingly creative human statues that move in response to stone balancing, or coin donation. The Malecon is home and haven to many artisans, such as those who draw caricatures, or make Puerto Vallarta sunset finger paintings. The Malecon is a must see for art lovers.

Huichol Art

It would be remiss of us to talk about Puerto Vallarta art without mentioning Huichol art. The Huichol are a local Native American ethnic group whose art is particularly distinctive and beautiful. The art of this group features intricate, colored beadwork and beeswax sealed threading. There are many Huichol galleries in Puerto Vallarta, as well as stores that sell pieces of art. If you’re really, really lucky you might even encounter a specialized market or fair while your stay in Puerto Vallarta.

Famous Local Artists

Puerto Vallarta art has a long and prestigious tradition of honoring its homebred artists, some of whom are really quite amazing! Javier Nino, Lepe Macedo and Rogelio Diaz are perfect examples of such artists. While they differ greatly in their styles, though Nino follows the style initiated by Macedo, they all possess a rare and unique talent for displaying the world in all its strange beauty.