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Puerto Vallarta Timeshare Presentations, Scam or Genuine?

In general, visitors on vacation are right to be skeptical of timeshare scams. However, Puerto Vallarta, and now Mexico in general, is pretty safe from deliberate timeshare fraudsters. Timeshare presentations in Puerto Vallarta are the real deal and you can actually find some excellent timeshare and fractional ownership properties there.

In the past, Mexico was under a lot of criticism for a minority of underhand timeshare touts who were selling bogus timeshare properties. These scams involved individuals pretending to be timeshare promoters or agents when they were not authorized to sell the properties they were promoting or they were selling “presale” timeshares that were never built. Thanks to regulations by the government, all timeshare promoters need to be issued by the local council with an official ID that shows they work for a genuine company. This has done a lot to help the timeshare industry’s reputation in Puerto Vallarta as visitors can trust those who approach them to attend a presentation. This is particularly true of agents who work in the airport or in high profile places like the shopping mall or on the Malecon.

Some complaints about timeshare scams involve the gifts you receive from the timeshare companies. The timeshare resorts in Puerto Vallarta offer genuine gifts or incentives to attend a presentation. The kinds of genuine offers are things like discounted tours, restaurant vouchers, free breakfasts or dinners and so on. If the gift sounds too good to be true, ask to see the promoter’s official ID, if they cannot prove who they work for, don’t trust them.

On the whole, timeshare presentations have a reputation for being pretty easy going in Puerto Vallarta as the timeshare units generally sell themselves.