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Recommendations for Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta

things to do in Puerto Vallarta

So, you are thinking about which destination to choose in Mexico for a top vacation in the sun and Puerto Vallarta seems to be the place that everyone is talking about. But what recommendations for things to do in Puerto Vallarta are there.You will be glad to hear there are endless things to do in Puerto Vallarta. Take a look at the top 5 things to do in Puerto Vallarta below:

  • Visit the Malecon

The best of the best things to do in Puerto Vallarta that won’t cost you a penny is to take a sunset stroll with your favorite people along the famous seafront boardwalk. The Malecon is dotted with beautiful sculptures and performance artists posing as sculptures as well as caricature artists and balloon sellers. During the day, Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon is a great place for booking tours and excursions, enjoying a tequila tasting presentation or buying souvenirs. As the sun sets, the Malecon is the perfect place to watch the Marigalante Pirate Ship’s nightly fireworks and find yourself tempted to enter one of the fun nightclubs that come to life when the kids are safe in bed.

  • Take a boat trip

Enjoying the Pacific Ocean is a must when you visit Puerto Vallarta. Taking a boat trip of some kind is certainly top of any list of great things to do in Puerto Vallarta. There are many types of boat trips to enjoy; for example, a cheap way to enjoy a boat trip would be to take a water taxi to one of the beaches along the south coast that can only be reached by boat. Alternatively, you could charter a fishing tour, enjoy a night on the pirate ship cruise, or even take a whale watching tour during the winter months when humpback whales come to swim in Puerto Vallarta’s waters. Another recommended boat trip would be to visit Los Arcos, where you can snorkel or dive or Las Marieta Islands with its hidden beach.

National Park of Las Marietas Island

  • Connect with Adventure

Some of the most popular things to do in Puerto Vallarta are related to adventure. If you like to feel your adrenaline pumping, then Puerto Vallarta is the place for you. You can take a zip line tour which will see you flying over ravines in the jungle covered mountains, speed off-road on ATVs and even skydive over the beach from 10,000 feet. If that wasn’t enough for your heart, then visiting the crocodile sanctuary will give you a rush for your money.

  • Fine Dining and Fun Eateries

If there is one thing that everyone likes to do on vacation, eating is usually top of everyone’s list of great things to do. Puerto Vallarta is renowned for a selection of fine-dining restaurants, including various gourmet and wine festivals throughout the year. You will find restaurants, bistros and cheap eats for all budgets and can be sure that eating and drinking your way through your vacation in Puerto Vallarta is perfectly possible. Eating is definitely one of the best things to do in Puerto Vallarta.

  • Golf

Golf is one of the most refined things to do in Puerto Vallarta. Playing a round of golf on a course overlooking the beach, is one of those luxurious things to do that can only be experienced in top vacation destinations like Puerto Vallarta. There are a number of award winning golf courses in and around Puerto Vallarta, and this Pacific playground is a popular place for golfing trips and tournaments. When you are not playing around, you can be enjoying the fine installations at one of the various golf clubs where exclusivity if affordable but no less chic.