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Renting and Timeshare

When it comes to the concept of renting and timeshare, there are benefits for both the renter and the owners who are renting their property. If you are a timeshare owner and are not planning to use your unit for whatever reason, you can save yourself the maintenance fees and make some money to boot by renting your timeshare. On the other hand, as someone looking for a vacation rental, timeshare properties have many benefits both in comparison to hotel rooms as well as other private rentals you might consider.

Advantages for Timeshare Owners

As a timeshare owner, you are likely to find yourself on occasions unable to use your timeshare unit personally, in these cases, it is recommended that you consider renting your unit to friends and family or even to private customers. You could do this through a rental agency, online, the local press or through word of mouth. Another way to maximize your timeshare investment is to join a vacation club such as RCI, Universal Vacation Club or Interval International where you can exchange your timeshare week for points. These points can be accrued so that you can use them towards an upgraded week or a longer stay. The additional benefit of being a member of a vacation club is that you then have the option of renting your points too.

Advantages for Renters

For those looking for a vacation rental with a difference, renting a timeshare is a great option that is both convenient and comfortable. Compared with hotel rooms, a timeshare unit is much bigger and better value for money. Most timeshare properties are more like vacation homes with fully equipped kitchens, living and dining rooms etc. You can enjoy the spaciousness of the properties yet take advantage of all the facilities that a hotel offers: spa and gym, large pools, room service, restaurants, concierge serves, kids clubs and so on.