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Sell Your Timeshare

Before you take the plunge and sell your timeshare, you may want to think a little about your motives for selling. Selling a timeshare is not always as easy as you might think and so, it is worth taking the time to reevaluate the benefits of owning your timeshare unit.

Why do you want to sell your timeshare?

Financial Reasons

If your financial situation has taken a turn for the worse, you many not be able to take yearly vacations, therefore your timeshare seems to be a waste of money. However, it is very likely that you will be better off in the future and will rue the day you sold your investment.

If your economy is the reason to sell your timeshare, you would be best advised to rent or lend your unit to family or people you know, asking them to contribute to the maintenance fees. That way you secure your investment for the future and don’t have to spend a penny. You could also bank your week with a vacation club and use the timeshare every two years instead of annually, saving you money on airfares etc.


After years going to the same place perhaps it is time for a change. Maybe you think that selling your timeshare will free you up to go to different destinations. However, nowadays your timeshare need not limit you to the same place. If you bought with a larger timeshare operator that manages other resorts, it is easy to swap within the same company, alternatively you can join an international vacation club like Interval International or RCI and exchange your timeshare week for points and therefore travel wherever you wish throughout the world.

Emotional Reasons

Some people choose to sell their timeshare after a divorce or the death of a loved one as their specific timeshare unit and the resort holds so many memories. Again, you would be better advised to join a vacation club and exchange your week for other destinations while you get over your grief; you may find in the future you want to return to your original timeshare.


If you have never considered owning a timeshare and suddenly you find you have inherited one, you may first want to consider the benefits of a timeshare before deciding to sell. The best advice is to try a week in the unit and see whether it is something you would want to keep for yourself or even rent. If you still decide to sell the timeshare, avoid any agents that ask to represent you for an upfront fee and choose a reputable real estate agent.

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