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Steps to Save Money on a Puerto Vallarta Vacation

Taking a vacation in Puerto Vallarta need not take a great chunk out of your savings if you follow some simple steps.

Attend a Timeshare Presentation

This might seem a strange piece of money-saving advice, but attending timeshare presentations can save you quite a bit of money on a Puerto Vallarta vacation. The greatest savings come when you receive a discount on a package deal in return for your time at a presentation. You can get some great discounts on accommodations. Once you arrive in Puerto Vallarta you can also enjoy discounts on activities and tours for attending a timeshare tour.

Take the Bus

Avoid expensive taxi fares by using public transport. Buses are really easy to navigate in Puerto Vallarta as you can distinguish the routes by their colors and the town is flanked by the ocean and the mountains so you will never get lost. Buses will cost you the same amount in cents as you would pay in dollars for a taxi.

Use Free Wifi in Cafes

Save money on internet charges in Puerto Vallarta hotels by limiting your usage to free wifi hubs in cafes and other locations. There are many places in Puerto Vallarta where you can connect for free. You may also find your hotel lobby provides free internet connection.

Book All-Inclusive

Big eaters and drinkers should invest in an all-inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta as this will save you money on eating out and taxi fares into town. If you are looking to relax on the beach and have little desire to leave the resort more than once, you may save money by booking an all inclusive vacation in Puerto Vallarta.


Haggling is not so common in Puerto Vallarta’s established shops but you can get some great discounts with vendors on the beach and in the flea markets. It is also quite a fun experience if you are clear with yourself about your spending limit. Done with charm and good humor, haggling in Puerto Vallarta can be a pleasant money saving tactic.

Drink Local Labels

Choose to drink the house wine and the national liquors when drinking out in Puerto Vallarta. What might seem like a household name to you back home may be considered a premium drink in Mexico. Always check the prices.

Pay in Local Currency

You will get a much better deal when paying in pesos, even when the prices are written in dollars, it is best to pay in pesos. Many places will use a less favorable exchange rate than you will get by drawing out money from an ATM or exchanging in a reputable money exchange. In fact, even taking into consideration bank charges, you save money when drawing out money from bank ATMs if you draw out larger quantities at a time.