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The Best Romantic Destinations

Love is in the air and perhaps honeymoon plans are in the offing; so where should you go for that romantic vacation of a lifetime? With airline prices stabilized at reasonable prices, the world is indeed your oyster.

There are many opinions as to what makes a romantic vacation, whether that be an idyllic beach resort, a city getaway or a quiet escape to snowy peaks. Here are a few destinations that cannot fail to make the list of the Best Romantic Destinations.

  1. Paris
  2. No respectable list of romantic destinations is complete without Paris, the city of lovers and fine dining. A sneaky kiss under the Eiffel Tower, a hand in hand walk around the Arc de Triomphe or a moonlit promenade by the River Seine, this is one of the world’s most romantic cities. There are also a range of cultural sites to visit, such as the Louvre Museum, the Sacre-Coeur (Sacred Heart) Basilica of Montmartre and Versailles Palace.

  3. Venice
  4. Lovers serenaded by an Italian gondolier as they glide down the Grand Canal in a private gondola is a popular image of Venice and indeed one that is a common sight in this breathtaking city that exudes romance and elegance. Besides the wealth of dining options and intimate cafes, there are many cultural attractions to keep romance alive and flowing, amongst which, feeding the pigeons in St Marks Square, glass blowing demonstrations on Murano Island or listening to a Vivaldi concert in one the many theaters feature


  5. Puerto Vallarta
  6. With quaint cobblestone streets, red tile roofs and balconies overflowing with colorful flowering bugambilia, it is no wonder that Mexico’s Pacific coast beach destination is considered one of its most romantic. Besides impeccable sandy beaches, the city is flanked by lush tropical jungle mountains that guard the intimate secrets of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s love affair and marriage that developed within and around the streets of Puerto Vallarta.

  7. Norwegian Fjords
  8. Not everyone’s idea of a romantic getaway involves visiting historical sites or lounging on hot sandy beaches, and the cool Norwegian Fjords offer an experience that is out of the ordinary yet cozy and intimate. The Fjords are narrow inlets carved into the mountains by glacial activity, inviting visitors to wonder at the breathtaking waterfalls, mountains and glaciers. A vacation for lovers who like to savor the natural world whether on foot or by boat.

  9. Buenos Aires
  10. The city of tango, passion and great wine, Buenos Aires has a lot to offer lovers and honeymooners. Like the major European cities, Argentina’s capital is an architectural delight full of quaint cafes and bars to while away the hours and steal a kiss or two. Cultural highlights include, the Colon Theater, the Recoleta Cemetery where you will find the remains of Eva Perón and the colorful and traditional La Boca neighborhood.

  11. Fiji
  12. The idyllic Fiji islands provide a tropical paradise for lovers and proclaimed romantics of any generation – relaxation and pampered beach euphoria are guaranteed in one of the many resorts and hotels poised to offer you the height of tranquility. Here, your days will merge into one inspiring dream, while you might exert some effort to try scuba diving, a sightseeing tour, or even an aerial tour of the islands.

  13. Edinburgh
  14. Scotland’s capital and home to haggis, bagpipes and whisky, Edinburgh is a romantic getaway for those who want to snuggle at night, visit museums and castles by day and drink a hot toddy in the afternoon. While the appeal of the city and its cultural sights might be enough for lovebirds, the city is also close to wonderful walking tours of the rolling hills and impressive coastline.

  15. Cabo San Lucas
  16. At the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, this is one of the exclusive Mexican romantic destinations and is renowned for attracting the rich and famous who want to escape the hustle and bustle of their celebrity lives. A perfect getaway for lovers and honeymooners, its idyllic tropical desert climate and stunning beaches provide an unparalleled vacation experience as well as a host of fine dining options.

  17. Lake Louise (Banff National Park)
  18. What better way to celebrate love and romance than overlooking a glacial lake high in the Rocky Mountains. Canada’s Banff National Park, and in particular Lake Louise, is a perfect romantic destination for lovers and honeymooners. Hot springs, log cabins, crisp mountain air all combine for a truly romantic experience.

  19. Seychelles
  20. Off the coast of Africa emerging like a cluster of jewels in the Indian Ocean, the beautiful archipelago of 115 islands, claimed to be the Garden of Eden’s original location, awaits lovers and romantics of all ages. Here the beach reigns supreme and boasts huge granite boulders that emerge from the ocean like protective ancient gods. With trails, island hopping, bike riding and watersports, this is a place for pure leisure and relaxation.

  21. Orlando
  22. The city is mainly known for its hotels and tourist attractions of interest children and youth, particularly the Nick Hotel, owned TV channel Nickelodeon children and youth and tourism chain thereof, Nickelodeon Suites Resort, and Walt Disney World Resort. Other attractions include SeaWorld and Universal Orlando Resort. The center of the city of Orlando, better known as Downtown Orlando, has undergone continuous restructuring, despite being far from the main tourist attractions. It is home to Orlando Sentinel, one of the state’s largest newspaper, and the Orlando Magic, a professional basketball team in the NBA.


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