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The Villa Group Timeshare: Villa Preferred Access

Medano Beach at Cabo San LucasVilla Preferred Access is a points scheme offered by The Villa Group Timeshare to its valued timeshare owners. The intention of the timeshare points program is to offer more flexibility, more options, and more enjoyment to its customers. As the timeshare industry evolves, so does the ever-increasing inventory of The Villa Group Timeshare, making sure that your timeshare continues to be the dream you bought into. As experts in their field, The Villa Group Timeshare move with the times so that your vacation experience becomes more than you could ever have imagined.

Villa Preferred Access

So, how does The Villa Group’s Preferred Access scheme work? It is a program that allows timeshare owners to exchange their weeks for points that they can then use to stay in one of the other world class Villa Group Timeshare resorts in Mexico. Your timeshare week is given a point value based on the kind of unit, season etc of your initial purchase. The points that you are allocated can then be used in exchange for another destination within the group.

The points system brings more flexibility, for example, you might choose to use the points for a long weekend in a more luxurious unit or extend the length of your stay beyond a week in a smaller unit. As your needs change according to your lifestyle, so your timeshare can change to suit your vacation requirements over time.

The benefits of the Villa Preferred Access scheme are obvious: greater flexibility and greater choice. In addition, by joining the scheme you can also become members of Interval International vacation club where you can exchange your timeshare for a different country or even a cruise vacation. Villa Preferred Access gives you the opportunity to extend the benefits of your initial purchase, as well as receive discounts and benefits that the vacation club offers to its members.

Remember, you bought your timeshare to invest in your dreams, now your dreams can evolve and mutate as your tastes and necessities change.