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Timeshare Presentations Scams in Cabo San Lucas

There have been a few cases of timeshare presentations scams in Mexico, although they have been very rare in Cabo San Lucas since the new regulations were brought in by the Mexican government. In the past, there was no official regulation of timeshare promoters on the street, while nowadays permission must be granted and an official identification card shown at all times. There were cases of fraudulent OPCs claiming to be selling genuine timeshare properties and taking clients to timeshare presentations where the resort was non existent.

In Cabo San Lucas, you are very unlikely to meet such a fraudster, although you must be careful that the company you join for a timeshare presentations is reputable and has a long history. This way you can be sure that if you buy a property you are getting a quality product and one that is worth the money. A company like Villa del Palmar, for example, have great properties for sale at knockdown prices and you also have the chance of joining their Villa Preferred Access, which means you can swap your unit for other Villa Group properties.

The kinds of scams that are more popular in Cabo San Lucas are those related to the kinds of gifts you might receive as an incentive to attend the presentation. To avoid a scam, just make sure that you don’t pay for anything (except the timeshare!). Some timeshare presentations scams involve asking you to pay an expensive delivery fee for a gift that when it arrives really isn’t worth it. There have also been cases where clients are told that they will have to pay taxes at the airport for their gifts, with the intention that you don’t take the gift for fear of having to pay the taxes.

However, on the whole, the timeshare scene is pretty legitimate in Cabo San Lucas. There is no doubt that you will be asked to attend a presentation, and some resorts are certainly more worth your time than others, but as a rule, you are not likely to be scammed.

Villa del Palmar Cabo Timeshare


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