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Timeshare Solutions

Villa del Palmar timeshare, sold by the Villa Group Resorts, offers the best vacation solutions for all kinds of people and budgets. The Villa Group are prepared with timeshare solutions no matter what your timeshare problem or question. Take a look at some of the most common timeshare solutions below.

Timeshare Solutions Explained

A common timeshare complaint when speaking to timeshare owners in general is that getting the dates you want for the room size that you want can be difficult. Although this is not a common problem at Villa del Palmar timeshare resorts due to the large inventory across all the resorts relative to the number of timeshare members, there is a trick to always getting exactly what you want. Booking your timeshare accommodation as early as possible is the best way to secure your dates and suite type. At Villa Group’s Villa del Palmar resorts, you can reserve your timeshare as early as 2 years in advance. The added bonus to this timeshare solution is that you can also find the best deals for airplane tickets when you reserve your seats with plenty of time.

In today’s day and age when divorce and separation seem to be part of the modern landscape, you could well be looking for a timeshare solution to help you decided what to do with your timeshare membership after a divorce. If neither of you wish to give up access to your vacation investment, one timeshare solution would be to share your time or points at the timeshare equally, each party using the timeshare at different times of the year, sharing the cost of the maintenance fees. Another solution would be to sell your timeshare or rent your timeshare, sharing any profits equally between you.

Timeshare Solutions for Frequent timeshare Problems

Some people run into timeshare problems when faced with financial setbacks such as being laid off or unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, it may be difficult to pay your timeshare maintenance fees. The best timeshare solution in these cases is to rent your timeshare to friends, family or through an agent to cover your maintenance and even make some extra cash.

The most up-to-date Villa del Palmar timeshare membership, known as Villa Preferred Access offers even more timeshare solutions to members. For example, imagine you need a bigger accommodation than usual to invite other members of your family or friends for a special occasion. The flexibility of Villa Preferred Access means that you can borrow points from future years or bank points in preparation to cover the cost of a grander suite without costing you anymore. Likewise, you can stay for a shorter period of time in an ungraded suite or a longer period of time in a smaller suite. Flexibility is the best timeshare solution for Villa del Palmar members.

The timeshare solution for those who don’t wish to take a vacation every year or who cannot afford to go abroad each year is to opt for a biennial timeshare membership. This entitles you to half the Villa Preferred Access points to be used every other year.

Finally, another timeshare solution for Villa del Palmar members is being able to use your timeshare points to cover the cost of all inclusive meal plans and other pre-paid services. Using your points gives you even better value for money and means that you don’t have to spend more each year to have the vacation of a lifetime.