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Tips for Cancun International Airport

Tips for Cancun International Airport

Cancun International Airport is an easy airport to navigate and should provide a smooth beginning to your Mexico Vacation. It is pretty small, with two terminals, not at all overwhelming but there are some things you should bear in mind to make your vacation run like clockwork.

Tips for Cancun International Airport

Book your airport transfer in advance

Unless you are a regular traveler, avoid having to negotiate taxi fares at Cancun airport after a long flight.

Be clear about attending a timeshare presentation

Be prepared to be invited to a timeshare presentation at Cancun International Airport when you arrive to the baggage claim area. You could receive some great discounts or incentives, so be clear about whether you are willing to attend a presentation.

Make your suitcase easily identifiable

Mark your suitcase with a ribbon or some easily identifiable sticker so that you don’t take someone else’s suitcase by mistake.

Know which terminal you are leaving from

Make a note of which terminal you will be leaving from at Cancun International Airport

Allow plenty of time for departures

Cancun International Airport might be small, but you will need more time than you think for check in, especially with major airlines like Aeromexico that have multiple destinations. The line ups can be very long. Even national flights require you to be there at least 2 hours before your flight.

Print your Boarding Pass

To speed up your check in and stress, print your boarding pass at your hotel prior to check in. Otherwise you will be in a line up at the check in machines as well as the luggage deposit.

Don’t leave souvenir buying for the airport

The options for souvenirs and gifts at the airport are pretty disappointing; there are a couple of shops for perfumes and duty free items but nothing major. Unless you have forgotten someone and need to buy one last detail, try and shop in Cancun or Riviera Maya.

Be prepared to pay for Wifi

There is WiFi Internet access at Cancun International Airport for a charge.

Eat before you arrive

Like the shopping, dining options at Cancun Airport are limited.

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