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Top 8 No, Nos for Vacation in Mexico

Mexico Vacation

Mexico is a great country for a great vacation. I bet you have heard this well-known phrase, “What happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico!” This is said, because of the fun that you can experience in Mexico. Of course, just like visiting any country there are things that you should do and not do, and Mexico is no different. Knowing the no-nos will allow you to vacation in Mexico safely, and have a great time that is fun and legal.

We have created the top 8 No-Nos that you should know when you are on vacation in Mexico. Take heed to number six, because this applies to any country you are vacationing in.

  1. Don’t Do Anything That is Illegal and That You Wouldn’t Do In Your Own Country
  2. Being in a foreign country means you might not be familiar with the language. You may just know enough of the language to order a cold beer or a delicious margarita. The laws in a foreign country protects foreigners along with their residents, but you want to make sure you don’t do anything that is illegal and that you wouldn’t do in your own country such as purchasing illegal drugs, drinking, then driving or even bribing any police officers. These are illegal acts in Mexico. If you don’t want to go to jail in Mexico, then don’t do anything illegal.

  3. Don’t Work While Vacationing in Mexico
  4. You shouldn’t try to work while you are vacationing in Mexico. This should be on the top of your list of no-nos in Mexico. You are there to vacation, so leave your laptop at home, and make sure you let everyone from your work that you are on vacation, and not to bother you. This will allow you to fully enjoy the excitement that Mexico can offer. You also don’t want to try to work a job in Mexico, it is illegal, and it can get you into major trouble.

  5. Always Tip When Dining at a Restaurant
  6. It is not illegal to run out without tipping when dining at a restaurant, but it is not advised, because you know that saying about karma. The waiters and waitresses in Mexico live on their tips. The wages are extremely low in Mexico, and the tip that you leave will make a difference as it is their income.

  7. Don’t Swim if You See a Red Flag
  8. The Mexico beaches are usually safe for swimming, but occasionally a red flag will be erected. The red flag means you are not allowed to swim, because dangers may be there. The red flag may be warning you of hard currents, which can carry you deep into sea past the Pacific Coast.

  9. Turtle Eggs Are Not to Be Eaten
  10. In Mexico, turtles are highly protected. The Mexican authorities collect all the turtle eggs and take them to a safe sanctuary where they will stay until they hatch. It is illegal to sell any turtle eggs in Mexico, but unfortunately, some of the older residents still enjoy eating them.

  11. A Mexican Mother Should Never Be Insulted
  12. A Mexican mother should never be insulted, but you should never insult any mother. In Mexico, mothers are honored, so if you insult a mom in Mexico, then you will be in deep trouble, so avoid doing this.

  13. The Virgin of Guadalupe Should Be Honored
  14. You should honor the Virgin of Guadalupe, and never insult or make fun of her. The Virgin of Guadalupe is considered as important as the Virgin Mary. Every December 12th, she is celebrated and honored. You will see her pictures all around the city.

  15. Never Go Diving Without a Qualified Guide
  16. Diving is something that should be done in Mexico, but you should never go diving unless you have a qualified guide with you. The qualified guide will show you the best and safest places to dive. The guide will take you to breathtaking caves that only a professional should go.