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Top Advice for Diving in Cancun

Top Advice for Diving in Cancun

Diving in Cancun is an activity you simply must try at least once in your life. There is no comparison to diving in the warm, tropical waters of the Caribbean and exploring the incredible and unique sites that lie beneath the surface around Cancun. You might think that you know what diving in the Caribbean is all about, but unless you have been diving in Cancun, you simply won’t know what you have been missing.

Here is some top advice for Diving in Cancun.

Get Certified

There are plenty of shallow dive sites in Cancun that you can visit on an organized beginners tour for those without a diving certificate, but there is nothing quite like exploring the wonders of deeper shipwrecks and reefs with the freedom and security of your diving training. Cancun is the perfect place to get your diving certificate in just a few days in the sun.

Dive with a Local Guide

Even if you are a divemaster and wish to go on diving tours with just you and a buddy, paying a guide will open up a whole new world of sites for expert divers. The currents can be tricky too if you don’t know the area, so it is always recommended to go with a local guide.

Dive Sites to Visit

You might think that the highlight of diving in Cancun is the Great MesoAmerican reef; while you are certainly not mistaken, there are other unique diving wonders to experience in and around Cancun. In addition to reef diving, you can explore shipwrecks, caves and even an underwater museum full of life-size sculptures. Another incredible advantage of diving in Cancun is access to fresh water caves and cenotes (sinkholes) which are a once in a lifetime diving opportunity.

Take an Underwater Camera

There will be ample opportunity to take photographs to make your friends drool with envy. You don’t need to be an expert photographer to capture National Geographic style underwater photos in Cancun.

Make Prior Reservations

Diving in Cancun is very popular, so always make a reservation for diving trips. If you are planning a diving vacation, arrange your schedule prior to arrival.

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