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Top Cabo San Lucas Landmarks

Top Cabo San Lucas Landmarks Cabo Adventures

When you visit Cabo San Lucas, it is easy to be swept up in the glamorous atmosphere of the city, which has long been a playground for the rich and famous. However, in addition to star spotting, there are some amazing Cabo San Lucas landmarks to see, and they really are worth leaving the poolside and cocktails for an afternoon! Here are our top five picks!

1. Vitrofusion Glass Blowing Factory

There is long tradition of folk art and handicrafts in Mexico, and Cabo San Lucas is a city that really celebrates that tradition. You can find sellers all over Cabo who will part with some really amazing creations including jewellery, clothing, original pieces of art, and textiles! If you want to buy, or make, a really special souvenir to take home with you then you should visit the Vitrofusion glass blowing factory. At this Cabo San Lucas landmark, you will see the masters at work, as well as be able to try your hand at the craft.

2. El Arco (The Arch)

This rock formation is without a doubt the most famous landmark in Baja California; a geographical wonder that provides shelter for wildlife, as well as beauty for appreciation. Rising from the sea at the southernmost point of Cabo San Lucas, this rock formation is a great location to go snorkelling, sea-lion watching, or even pelican spotting. In fact, if you’re lucky, you might even be able to see humpback whales passing in winter. Whether you’re up close and personal, or are watching the sun rise from the shores, El Arco will stun and amaze you.

3. High Tide Sea Expeditions

Not so much a Cabo San Lucas landmark as a company that specializes in adventure, any High Tide tour or activity will probably be one of the highlights of your vacation. This company can organize many different activities or tours for you; whether you want to learn how to surf, arrange a San Jose del Cabo city tour, or even take a jeep or hiking tour, High Tide Sea Expeditions can help!

4. Cabo San Lucas Dolphins

Seeing and swimming with dolphins is very often a key desire or dream for those who vacation in Mexico. Cabo Dolphins is a landmark park, run by Cabo Adventures, which offers this experience, as well as many others, to adults and children alike. This activity is very popular so it would be best to book in advance if you want to see these wonderful, well cared for animals in close proximity.

5. Wide Open Baja- Cabo san Lucas Test Track

Petrol heads will find that this Cabo San Lucas landmark site has the potential to be the highlight of your vacation in Cabo San Lucas. Wide Open Baja, situated in Los Cabos, will allow you to drive great cars around a challenging and fun track which takes you away from the sea and into the desert for an adrenaline fuelled adventure. Age and height restrictions may apply, so be sure to check the website before you head on out.