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Tricks for Best Airfares to Mexico

Do you always find that the most expensive element of your vacation is the cost of the flights? Are you put off booking a foreign vacation because of expensive airfares to Mexico? Here are some tricks for best airfares to Mexico. You will be glad you read this article when it saves you hundreds of dollars on your next vacation!

Top 10 Tricks for Best Airfares to Mexico (you’ll be glad to learn about No.5!)

  1. Use a comparative website that compares flight prices

    Comparative websites like Kayak, will show you the lowest prices for airfares to Mexico depending on the dates and destinations you input.

  2. Book with Plenty of time

    Booking airfares to Mexico in advance will save you money and ensure more availability of direct flights.

  3. See if the airline can beat the price

    Once you have identified the lowest prices on a travel website or through a travel agent. Compare the price directly with the airline and see if they can beat the quoted price.

  4. Subscribe to airline magazines

    Subscribe to an airline newsletter or loyalty membership to hear about all the latest deals and lowest prices.

  5. Apply for a credit card with air miles

    Get a credit card that allows you to collect air miles as you spend. Use the credit card as much as you can for things you would normally pay with a debit card or cash, like grocery shopping, gasoline etc – things you can preferably pay off every month – and you will see your air miles allocation grow without spending any more than usual.

  6. Search for budget airlines or chartered flights

    Budget airlines and chartered flights are often much cheaper than scheduled flights. See if you can book your airfare to Mexico plus your hotel at the same time.

  7. Avoid weekend flights

    Weekend flights are usually much more expensive for airfares to Mexico, especially if you are planning a short stay.

  8. Be prepared to fly from an alternative city

    Don’t limit your search for the cheapest airfares to Mexico by only comparing prices for your home city. You might find traveling a little further to get to the airport can save you hundreds of dollars, especially traveling as a family.

  9. Accept flights with stopovers

    Allow your search for the best airfares to Mexico to include flights with stopovers. You will gain more options and they are frequently cheaper.

  10. Avoid major holidays

    Fly in low season, or at least avoid any major holidays, including holidays that occur in Mexico.