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Universal Vacation Club International Scams

The word scam and Universal Vacation Club International or UVCI should really not be used in the same sentence. There are a number of dubious forums and fraudulent timeshare advocacy lawyers who will lead you to think twice about the benefits of UVCI when the reality is that the company is a mutual benefit organization intended to help Villa del Palmar timeshare owners be able to exchange their timeshare weeks for other resorts within The Villa Group chain of beach resorts and Spas. There is no scam hidden in the small print of UVCI’s contracts.

The purpose of Universal Vacation Club International is to offer Villa del Palmar owners the opportunity to exchange their Villa Group timeshare week for other resorts within the group in the easiest and most straightforward manner possible. It is a mutual benefit company with no hidden scam, just services for its members. UVCI is also responsible for managing maintenance fees, which is probably where it receives its bad press (if any) as no one really likes having to pay maintenance fees.

The newest initiative managed by Universal Vacation Club International for Villa del Palmar owners is Villa Preferred Access. This scheme is intended to make exchanging between Villa Group resorts and accommodations easier rather than being a scam. Villa Preferred Access transfers your week into a points system whereby you can use as many or a little points each year, banking those you do not use and being able to split your week as you like. Far from being a scam, this scheme gives timeshare owners greater flexibility and enables members to make the most out of their timeshare investment.

If you are already a Villa de Palmar fixed week timeshare owner or are thinking about purchasing a Villa del Palmar timeshare, check out the facts about Villa Preferred Access from The Villa Group before writing it off as a scam. Armed with the right information, you may just find that it is the perfect scheme for you. Also, beware forums and lawyers who approach you to cancel your Villa Preferred Access or UVCI membership, as these are very likely to be a scam.