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Universal Vacation Club International (UVCI)

Universal Vacation Club International is a reputable timeshare exchange network company that has been operating for over 30 years. This vacation club is responsible for managing and maintaining the properties developed by Mexican based timeshare developers Villa Group, who have a number of luxury condominium resorts in the top beach destinations in Mexico such as Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas.

Depending on your level of Universal Vacation Club membership, you can make reservations or exchange timeshare units in any of the Villa Group resorts. Likewise, if you wish to exchange your week for a destination outside of Mexico you can do so via UVC owing to their affiliation with Interval International and RCI.

Within Mexico, Universal Vacation Club International manage the following Villa Group resorts:

    Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta
    Villa del Mar (Puerto Vallarta)
    Villa del Palmar Flamingos (Rivera Nayarit)
    Villa del Palmar Cancun
    Villa del Palmar Cabo
    Villa del Arco Los Cabos
    Villa del Palmar Loreto

When you become a member of Universal Vacation Club International you are guaranteeing decades of great luxury vacations as you travel more regularly and at lower prices. There are a range of different membership programs depending on the type of usage you require. See below:

Universal Vacation Club Membership

Fixed Week Membership

You buy the rights to a specific timeshare week, which doesn’t change and your dates are guaranteed for you every year.

Floating Week

You buy the rights to a specific unit during a period of time like a season or longer. You can only reserve your unit for a week during that period.

Biennial Membership

As a biennial member you enjoy the same rights as annual members except that you do so every other year. Most of the benefits are the same, although there are some differences regarding banking and borrowing weeks.

Premier Membership

When you purchase a Premier or Gold membership you are entitled to use any of the properties within the Universal Vacation Club International that are available when you reserve. This membership also allows you to split your weeks so that you can even visit two different locations or properties within the same calendar year. Likewise, you might bank half of your week to use the following year.

Villa Preferred Access Program

This is a points based membership program that offers members the opportunity to exchange their timeshare units for points that can then be used towards reserving properties in different locations or to upgrade for a shorter period of time or take a smaller property for a longer period etc. Flexibility is the key word for Villa Preferred Access, as points can be used just as you wish to create a vacation that is tailored specifically for you and your family.

Elite Program

The Elite program is for Villa Preferred Access members and it boasts additional advantages depending on how many points have been purchase and the longevity of membership and so forth. The three levels in this program are, Elite Four Star, Elite Five Star and Elite Residence Club.