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UVCI and Eagle’s Wings Foundation

The connection between UVC and Eagle’s Wings Foundation in Mexico is simple. UVCI (Universal Vacation Club International) is the main benefactor of the Eagle’s Wings Foundation offering financial support as well as executive expertise and guidance to the non-profit organization that helps poor communities and charity programs in Mexico. In fact, the Eagle’s Wings Foundation was the idea of one of the UVCI board of directors, Jim McCarthy, whose mission it was to help give back to the communities in which the Universal Vacation Club International operated.


Universal Vacation Club International is a mutual benefit company that administers the membership and exchanges of Villa Group timeshare owners, who are generally owners of timeshare at one of the Villa del Palmar resorts in Cabo San Lucas (also Villa del Arco), Puerto Vallarta (also Villa del Mar), Riviera Nayarit, Loreto and Cancun.

Eagle’s Wings Foundation

UVC and Eagle’s Wings Foundation

The Eagle’s Wings Foundation is an IRS approved charity that raises money and organizes programs to help individuals, communities, schools, orphanages and other charitable institutions in the cities where The Villa Group Resorts has developed timeshare. The Eagle’s Wings Foundation runs a number of fund raising activities such as a bazaar where it sells furniture and items like microwaves and toasters that are no longer in use in the Villa del Palmar resorts to raise money as well as permanent collection boxes in the Villa Group’s hotels. It also receives donations as well as in-kind gifts, some as significant as school buses and ambulances. The money raised by Eagle’s Wings Foundation and the supplies it receives are distributed to various school and hospitals and other charitable organizations that work directly with the poorest communities in Mexico.

UVCI and Eagle’s Wings Foundation

The way that UVCI supports Eagle’s Wings Foundation directly is through financial support and by providing free executive advice and strategy guidance, accounting and auditing services to help keep Eagle’s Wings Foundation’s overheads low. UVCI’s members also make a significant contribution through donations to the programs run by UVC and Eagle’s Wings Foundation to help the less fortunate in Mexico.

Without UVCI, the Eagle’s Wings Foundation would find it very hard to function and help support those who are in desperate need in the communities where the Villa Group’s timeshare members enjoy their vacations.