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Vacation Rentals vs Hotel

Choosing between renting a vacation property or staying in a hotel is a frequent consideration people have when planning their vacation. While both have their advantages, renting a timeshare could be an even better option than either.

The main reason for staying in a hotel is because of all the services and facilities that hotels offer: restaurants, large swimming pools, concierge, spa, room service etc. Many people see hotel vacations as the easiest way to relax and simply enjoy their getaway without having to worry or arrange a thing. The reasons why people like renting an apartment or house is to have greater privacy and more autonomy but your don’t get all the facilities and benefits that a hotel has. However, when you rent a timeshare apartment in a resort, you can enjoy all that a hotel has to offer on your own terms.

The size of hotel rooms is another consideration in comparison to vacation rentals. Whether you rent a private apartment or rent a timeshare, you are pretty much guaranteed more space as well as kitchen facilities and a dining area. Vacation rentals and timeshare accommodations have room for more members of the family and can make the cost of your vacation much less.

Finally, hotels are bound by different taxes in some countries and you might find that these additional taxes have an influence on your choice. It is certainly worth comparing price before making your final decision between a hotel or vacation rental, although in general the cost of renting is usually cheaper.