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Vacation Scams this Summer

You packed your things, have put on your comfortable summer attire and feel so excited to begin your summer vacation. People from all over the world wait for the summer season to come because it’s the most ideal time to take on a vacation. With a fine weather without rains and the glorious sun shining majestically, it’s time to hit the countryside and engage on different activities. Before plunging into the fun, it’s worth knowing the danger that lurks around. Summer brings out the happiest revelers, as well as the smartest scammers.

Vacation Scams to watch for this summer

Take Away Service Vacation Scams

Instead of exerting the effort of going to a restaurant nearby, most tourists after a hectic day would just settle for an order made through the phone. You may receive many flyers handed out, showing restaurants doing delivery services, and payment is comfortably made through a credit card. You now wait for your sumptuous food to come to relieve you of your hunger, but sadly it doesn’t arrive. Since you have provided details of your credit card, scammers are likely out on their shopping binge, which unfortunately will be billed under your name.

Vacation Rental Scams

We all want to be billeted in a very comfortable vacation villa or an elegant hotel once we’re out on vacation because it can mean a relaxing rest after an active day. We try looking out for the best accommodation option available on the internet or any printed materials like newspapers and magazines. We usually get blinded by the luxury that we see, and will never think that they can be works of summer scammers. You ended up sending money through wire transfer because it’s the fastest way for the payment that will assure you of a successfully made reservation. The reality hits you when you arrive to your vacation rental address and find an empty space located on a dirt road, worse even a body of water like a pond, stream or river. Moral of the story: know exactly what you’re paying for. This is a typical vacation scam that is easy to avoid by checking reviews and only using reputable websites and agencies.

Check-In Vacation Scams

You can experience this thankfully not so common vacation scam which is the handy work of some crooked scammers pouncing on innocent hotel guests. You might think everything is fine with your check in after making payment at the front desk of the hotel until somebody calls you up telling you that your payment didn’t go through. You are surprised, and you will provide again the details of your credit card or another card that’s available for use. This is a not-so-wise move on your part which you’ll realize the next day. You’ve fallen prey to a group of organized scammers who are now out there making purchases for themselves. This kind of vacation scam is less common in the more reputable hotels but can affect any resort as the scammers call up the hotel rooms randomly.

Drop and Switch Scams

An old favorite among vacation scams, the drop and switch can catch you out anytime and is an awkward situation of your word against his or hers. Always be wary of the cash you hand over as payment for taxi fares or purchases because a fast vacation scam known as “drop and switch” is still very prevalent. Once the money touches the hand of a scammer, he or she will quickly drop or hide the bill and exchange it for a lower denomination, informing you that you have paid short of the actual bill. You’ll unknowingly pay again. To avoid this common scam that is not limited to vacations or summer, it is better to orally mention out the amount of cash you are giving; this way makes it clear and prevents them from making any fraudulent moves.

Internet Wifi Scams

The internet has been providing communication and entertainment in our modern world. It has become a necessity, the reason why it makes everyone happy, especially if it’s offered free of charge. Free internet does not always mean safe and secure internet by all standards, and fake networks are there to steal private information on your gadgets like passwords on your banking details or emails. Be careful when logging into free internet services, you really don’t know how safe it is. Not just a vacation scam but something to beware at all times.