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Villa del Palmar Cabo in the Wake of Hurricane Odile

Travel bloggers and tourism experts know how devastating a natural disaster like Hurricane Odile can have on a vacation destination. However, the fate of Cabo San Lucas looks bright despite the watery windswept pictures we see on the media. After all, tragedy and disaster sells newspapers, right!

News from Cabo in the Wake of Hurricane Odile

News from Cabo just days after Hurricane Odile stormed through the Baja California beach destination is more positive than the news moguls would have us believe. While right at this moment it is true to say that Cabo San Lucas is in no position to boast the paradise conditions that that we have come to know and love, Mexico’s favorite beach destination is likely to make a quick recovery.

Villa del Palmar Cabo

One of the interesting things to report from Cabo San Lucas in the wake of Hurricane Odile are the resorts and hotels which remain pretty unscathed by the category 3 hurricane that hit Baja California on Monday September on the eve of Mexico’s Independence day. Villa del Palmar Cabo reported only superficial damage caused by Hurricane Odile and had both water and electricity within hours of the hurricane’s passing. Bar a few broken windows, the Villa Group resort remained fully operational and even reported one of its restaurants at 100% operation immediately following the natural disaster.

Structurally, all three Villa Group resorts, Villa del Palmar Cabo, Villa del Arco and Villa del Estancia stood the test of Hurricane Odile’s battering, testimony to the sound engineering and architectural design of the resorts. A spokesperson for the the Villa Group confirmed that the possibility of a hurricane was a central part of the architectural remit when the resorts were originally built.

Most of the guests who were staying at Villa del Palmar Cabo during the time when Hurricane Odile was making its trajectory towards Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos were safely evacuated according to Villa del Palmar’s preventive procedures in the event of a hurricane. Those who couldn’t return home were accommodated and kept comfortable until such a time as emergency efforts could find the guests a way home.

If you were staying in Cabo San Lucas during Hurricane Odile, share your experiences below.