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Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta Timeshare Review

Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta Timeshare

When choosing a vacation resort it is always worth consulting reviews to see which are the best resorts. Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta is positioned highly on most independent reviews and top 10 lists. The resort is located on Banderas Bay on the Pacific Coast of Mexico and was the first complex to be developed by Villa Group, a timeshare company with over 25 years in the business.

Why is Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta a top 10 resort?

The resort’s location is a key factor to the success of Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta. The vacation destination of Puerto Vallarta is considered one of Mexico’s best beach locations in a number of reviews, renowned for its lush palm covered mountain range, soft sandy beaches and warm ocean. Timeshare and retirement homes are also a common feature because of its sunny year round climate.

The resort facilities receive great reviews from customer rating cards at Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta, and timeshare reviews comment on the excellent spacious accommodations with full kitchens and dining areas. The resort’s spa is also a common feature on reviews as it offers a huge range of services at great prices. The resort also boasts two large swimming pools that are open to all guests as well as a separate timeshare only pool with its private lounge area and outdoor Jacuzzi called Villa del Mar.

No review would be complete without mentioning Villa del Palmar’s restaurants and all inclusive packages. The restaurants receive a lot of praise for their great selection of dishes, service, and large portions. Timeshare owner also have the chance to purchase an all inclusive restaurant pass.