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Villa del Palmar Timeshare Points

Existing timeshare owners and new members at one of The Villagroup’s Villa del Palmar resorts have the option of joining a timeshare points scheme. The Villagroup’s Villa del Palmar brand has resorts in some of Mexico’s top beach vacation destinations. There is a Villa del Palmar timeshare resort in Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit as well as Cancun and Loreto.

When you purchase Villa del Palmar timeshare points you become part Villa Preferred Access which allows you to use your points flexibly in any of the Villa del Palmar resorts through UVCI (Universal Vacation Club International). Timeshare points are much more convenient than a fixed week timeshare where by you use the same week in the same resort every year. Timeshare points mean that you can use as little or as many points as you need according to your vacation requirements every year.

Purchasing timeshare points means that you buy the equivalent number of points for a certain amount of time in a particular unit in a specified resort – for example, one week in a deluxe suite in Cabo San Lucas or one week in a two bedroom suite in Puerto Vallarta and so on. You then have the option of using those points for the same kind of unit in the same resort every year, or you can opt to use your Villa del Palmar timeshare points towards two shorter vacations in one year and even visit two different destinations, let’s say Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas in June and Puerto Vallarta in November.

Similarly, if you have bought a two bedroom unit in Cancun for one week, you may have enough points to stay for two weeks in a deluxe studio. The same works for upgrades to more luxurious suites if you have bought two weeks, staying one week in a grander unit.

The other benefit of Villa Preferred Access’ timeshare points for Villa del Palmar resorts is that full members can can bank and borrow points for the following years. Just imagine you have a special event like a destination wedding and need to take two vacations; you can borrow points from the following year. Similarly, if you know in advance, you might want to bank points to use the next year.

The key to Villa del Palmar timeshare points is flexibility and convenience; you become a valued member of a first rate chain of resorts that will ensure that your vacations are always to the high quality and standards that you expect.