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Villa Group Timeshare Complaints Solved

Villa Group is a long standing timeshare company that operates in Mexico, having successfully developed the Villa del Palmar chain of condominium style resorts. With regard to their history of solving complaints and problems, their three decade strong reputation stands testimony to their honesty and commitment to keeping customer satisfaction at the heart of their business.

Villa Group Timeshare takes the resolution of complaints very seriously, in part because their excellent track record is at stake but also because of their philosophy of putting the customer first. Villa Group’s directors, managers and frontline staff ensure that there is no misleading information given to potential customers and that the timeshare product sells itself. With such quality products, there is no place for scams, fraud or lies in The Villa Group Timeshare.

Nevertheless, in the case that complaints arise, the Villa Group timeshare policy is to deal with issues as quickly as possible to limit any distress caused. Therefore it is important that anyone with a complaint against Villa Group timeshare or any of its Villa del Palmar resorts contact the company as soon as possible.

How to complain:

The first step you should take is to discuss the problem at the time when the issue arises, preferably in person while you are still in Mexico. Villa Group timeshare staff should be on hand to deal with any kind of complaint or suggestion.

In the instance that your problem cannot be resolved by the first point of contact, call a manager or ask to see someone with the authority to deal directly with your complaint.

If the issue has not been solved during your stay in Mexico the best way to contact Villa Group timeshare is via email or telephone. Use registered post if you decide to contact the timeshare company in writing.

Avoid using forums to deal with your complaint: your problem needs to be addressed by the Villa Group or Villa del Palmar resort. Third parties frequently slow down the process and cost you in the process. Most complaints are sorted out in a short amount of time and with little inconvenience to clients.