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Villa Group’s Villa del Mar

Villa del Mar by The Villa Group Timeshare

One of the most traditional and heartwarming timeshare properties, Villa del Mar in Puerto Vallarta is among the oldest complexed opened by The Villa Group Timeshare 25 years ago or more. Villa del Mar is part joined to Villa del Palmar Beach Resort and Spa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and is a once in a lifetime complex where the timeshare owners truly feel like they are living in their second home.

Most of the owners at Villa del Mar return during the same dates every year, forming their own vacation community. This type of set up was at the heart of the timeshare model when it was first introduced in the 70s. Villa del Mar is the perfect example of timeshare’s success in delivering a lifetime of vacations. Most owners at Villa del Mar are happy to return every year to their own slice of paradise. Now that the kids have grown up, owners come with their grandchildren and the next generation of timeshare groupies is born.

Villa del Mar by The Villa Group Timeshare

Nowadays of course, vacationers are looking for flexibility and choice and that is why Villa Group Timeshare offer Villa Preferred Access that allows timeshare owners to mix and match their dates and times as they wish. Villa Group’s members that opt for Villa Preferred Access can use their points to experience this unique vacation ownership complex and gain an insight into the joys of a timeshare community.

The success of Villa del Mar lies in its exclusivity. The complex has its own pool area and Jacuzzi, its own social areas that are set apart from the Villa del Palmar resort. However, timeshare owners can take full advantage of all the resort facilities of Villa del Palmar including 3 more pools, direct beach access, restaurants and more while having their own intimate space dedicated to members.