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VLOs at the Villa Group Timeshare Division

VLOs at the Villa Group Timeshare

If you are looking to get a job in the timeshare industry, then great news, because there are plenty of jobs in this industry in Mexico. The timeshare industry jobs in Mexico range from marketing, sales and OPCs, which is Off Premises Contact/Outside Public Contact. Do you know what one of the most important jobs within the Villa Group Timeshare division is? This position would be a VLO or Verification Loan Officer.

Jobs as a Verification Loan Officer with Villa Group timeshare

A Verification Loan Offer job is probably the most important job with Villa Group timeshare, because your main purpose is always protecting the new members to the timeshare. You will make sure they understand the contract of their Villa Group timeshare membership. The VLO is the person that meets with the client after they have said yes to purchasing a timeshare with Villa Group.

The VLO Represents the Villa Group Timeshare Division

The VLO represents the developer, in this case, the Villa Group timeshare division. This means that the VLO must make sure the member understands the benefits that they will get by being a Villa Group Timeshare member. This position has many demands, so you should be responsible, honest, dedicated, and have the type of people skills that you need for a VLO position.

Training to be a VLO

The sales team and the VLO will work closely together, so the training is with the Villa Group timeshare sales team. The main contact is done with the sales team, so the VLO should know everything that the sales team knows. At the last minute, the client may think of some questions that they need asking about the membership, and the VLO is the last person that the client will have contact with, and this is why it is important to know the sales team job. Most experienced VLOs will provide the client with their work email address, so the client can contact the VLO at the Villa Group timeshare division with any concerns or questions. A VLO must know the Villa Group Timeshare membership in and out.

Positions as a VLO

A popular position with the timeshare industry is being a VLO, and this job doesn’t open up frequently. There are always other ways to become a VLO, and that is by taking any position within the Villa Group timeshare division, then working your way up the ladder to land a VLO position.

The Villa Group Timeshare is an excellent way to have a great job in the timeshare industry. A VLO is one of the most sought out positions in the industry. It is an excellent job with excellent benefits and pay.