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What is a Timeshare Advisor?

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As the name suggests, a timeshare advisor is an expert who can provide sound advice about your timeshare. Timeshare advisors can be consulted at any stage of your timeshare purchase: before, during and after buying a timeshare.

In the majority cases, there is very little need to pay a timeshare advisor, as most timeshare experts will contribute their advice for free on timeshare consultancy websites. There are a number of places on the web run by timeshare advisors where you can find free timeshare advice which discusses all aspects of the timeshare process.

Before you buy a timeshare, it is a good idea to do a little research about the timeshare company where you will attend a presentation. It will soon become apparent if you are walking into a scam. Timeshare advisors will also be able to warn you of any trending timeshare frauds.

Most good timeshare companies will have a timeshare advisor on their staff to talk to buyers before they sign a binding timeshare contract. Although these timeshare advisors are paid by the timeshare developer, their role is to make sure that the buyer is clear about the key points on their contract. This should not stop you from reading the contract yourself but having a timeshare advisor present when reading your contract will help you clarify any clauses you are not sure about.

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