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What is Cabo Villa Preferred Access?

Cabo Villa Preferred Access refers to The Villa Group timeshare company’s points scheme, Villa Preferred Access in Cabo San Lucas. Strictly speaking, there is no such specified scheme as Cabo Villa Preferred Access, rather it is a points scheme offered to new buyers and current owners at all of the participating Villa del Palmar resorts in various destinations throughout Mexico, including Villa del Arco (also in Cabo San Lucas).

Villa Group’s Villa Preferred Access is a popular scheme that brings greater flexibility to timeshare owners with properties in Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and Loreto. For example, when you buy a timeshare in Cabo San Lucas you will be offered the chance to purchase the equivalent number of points for a week in a timeshare unit. If you are attracted to the chance of visiting other destinations offered by Villa Group or joining a vacation club such as Interval International, then Villa Preferred Access is a great option as your points can be easily exchanged for other destinations.

Villa Preferred Access points can also be banked for future vacations and likewise you can borrow points towards a more luxurious unit or a longer stay. In Cabo, you could bank points equivalent to a one bedroom unit in Villa del Palmar Cabo for the following year and then stay in Villa del Arco in Cabo (an even more luxurious resort) the next year. Villa Preferred Access also provides you with the opportunity to split what would have been a fixed week into two shorter vacations. Imagine you have a wedding to attend in Cancun, you could use half of your points to stay in Villa del Palmar Cancun for a weekend, then visit Cabo for couple of days later in the year.

The move towards club points in the timeshare industry is a good thing for consumers and brings much greater flexibility to your choices. Unless you wish to return to the same place every year during the same dates, Villa Preferred Access is a great choice.