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What Kinds of Animals Live in Banderas Bay?

Sea ​​turtle in the Pacific Ocean, Banderas Bay P

Puerto Vallarta is a number one vacation destination that is located on Mexico’s Pacific Coast in Banderas Bay. Each year, thousands of tourists visit Puerto Vallarta to soak up the sun on the miles of beautiful beaches. Plus, there are great restaurants, tons of shops, bars, and endless outdoor activities to enjoy. In addition, Puerto Vallarta is surrounded by the lush mountains and the bay, which makes this area a biodiverse area. You will see many different animals, marine life, flora and fauna.

  • What Kinds of Animals Live in Banderas Bay?

For starters, there are many distinctive species of animals that live in the forest in the mountains surrounding Puerto Vallarta. For example, you may see white tailed deer, coyotes, wild pigs, rabbits, armadillos, skunks, and badgers. These animals tend to stay deep in the jungle, so you don’t have to worry about them, and you may not see them when you are visiting Puerto Vallarta unless you go on a hike or bike ride in the mountains. There are many different cat species that live in the mountains too. They include margays, ocelots, pumas, jaguars, and jaguarundis. 

  • What Kinds of Marine Life Live in Banderas Bay?

Did you know that the largest bay in Mexico and the seventh largest bay in the world is Banderas Bay? The incredibly biodiverse bay measures 25 miles across and is home to an abundance of marine life. There, you can find a vast variety of marine life that call Banderas Bay home. For example, some of the fish include sailfish, tuna, snapper, black marlin, seabass, and blue martin. There are also many sea turtles that return to the Banderas Bay shores to lay their eggs. The female sea turtle will actually lay her eggs in the spot where she was born. In Puerto Vallarta, jellyfish are seasonal creatures. You will tend to only see them during the spring and summer months. They aren’t dangerous, but they can sting you which does hurt a bit. 

  • What Kind of Birds Live in Banderas Bay?

Next, there are a lot of birds that live in and around Banderas Bay as well. Actually, there are more than three hundred and fifty different species of birds that live in the area. In the mountain region, parrots and cockatoos can be found along with the gray hawk bird. You can also see pelicans, seagulls, hummingbirds, white garzas, bat falcons, and more closer to the beach. If you want to know the best place to go bird watching, then you need to head to El Tuito. This small town is only an hour from Puerto Vallarta. It’s a great place to spend a day exploring as you experience immersing yourself in the culture and peaceful ambiance of a truly authentic Mexican small town.

  • What Kinds of Whales and Sharks Live in Banderas Bay?

Last but not least, many visitors wonder if there are sharks that live in the Banderas Bay, and the answer to that is yes. However, sharks are rarely seen in the area as they prefer colder water, and they don’t cause any harm to people. The beaches and waters are safe for swimming, and there are very few shark attacks that happen. In addition, there are whales that inhabit Banderas Bay for several months each year. The humpback whales spend their mating and birthing season in the bay which occurs between the months of November and April. Around 500 whales will spend the season so it’s a great time to go on a whale watching tour. If you haven’t already gone whale watching, it’s a once in a lifetime experience that everyone in the family will enjoy. From time to time you can see an orca whale, too. 

Did you enjoy reading about the different kinds of animals that live in Banderas Bay? The area isn’t just home to the best beaches, restaurants, and nightlife. This area is home to many different species of wildlife, too. Ready to book your dream vacation to Puerto Vallarta?