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When Sea Turtles Visit Puerto Vallarta

It’s such a joy seeing the different varieties of turtles making their way back home on Puerto Vallarta’s Beaches during summertime. Thousands of sea turtles can be seen scurrying along the sand returning to the place where they were born to continue the cycle of life. It is a breathtaking spectacle to see these creatures moving in hordes and come in close contact with humans. The local government in Puerto Vallarta in all efforts to save their existence has come up with protection programs, and with the help of visitors and locals alike, they see to it that these programs are implemented. People from all walks of life cooperate in saving the existence of this beautiful species of reptiles.

Sea Turtles Visit Puerto Vallarta

For a long time now, residents and authorities of Puerto Vallarta have joined hands in protecting the Olive Ridley sea turtle from further diminishing. Even business establishments like hotels, tour agencies and restaurants have pitched in their help for the sea turtle’s continued preservation. Due to various factors like pollution, overfishing, ongoing area developments and harmful activities that negatively affect the ecosystem, the number of sea turtles has dropped largely the past few years. Making conservation efforts through setting up watch camps in strategic locations has been vital in reminding the people and educating them about the sad plight of these sea turtles.

Sea Turtle Season in Puerto Vallarta from July to November

The Sea Turtle season sees many of these harmless species gracing the shores of Puerto Vallarta during the night time. They’ll exert all their strength digging nests for themselves to lay their eggs. One can’t help but admire the hard work they put on these activities. The turtle will then lay their eggs when the ideal time comes and after that, they’ll return to the ocean never to be seen closely again for some years. When these baby turtles emerged from these eggs, they are on their own, making survival really tough. It was found out that only one out of a thousand would make it to adulthood.

Conservation Programs in Puerto Vallarta

The months of July to December are times when visitors of the place can do their share for the propagation of these sea turtles. Conservation program workers that adopt, take care and are tasked to release them in the ocean, ask help from people in letting go of them in their original habitat: the ocean. Everyone can participate, especially children and it can be one unforgettable experience as they lend their hand in the actual release. It can be quite emotional as one gets a hold of it and eventually wish it luck, in the battle called life.