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Why do People Fly First Class for Honeymoons?

Fly First Class for Honeymoons

Why do people fly first class for their honeymoon? Maybe, because honeymoon couples want total luxury and privacy for their honeymoon? It is easy to understand, as many people only get married once, and they want their honeymoon to be totally special. Honeymoon couples in the past that booked first class seats were considered high society and elite passengers. This status set them apart from those traveling economy. Honeymoon couples enjoyed their privacy and space back then. However, the reality of Today’s first class is a bit hit or miss, with many airlines offering first class that is more akin to business class in times of old.

Here are some pointers for you to think about to know if flying first class is the best choice for your honeymoon:

  1. Where are you spending your honeymoon?
  2. Why is the destination of your honeymoon an important factor when you choose to fly first class? If you are flying to Mexico, Caribbean or domestically, then chances are you will only be in flight for 5 hours or less. You might get priority check ins at the airport, or added leg space, and even a free drink, but other than that there isn’t much of a great difference in first class and economy seating when you consider how much more you pay for your ticket. As a rule the longer your flight, and therefore the usually the bigger your plane, the better area, seats and service you will enjoy when you fly first class.

  3. Airline Choice
  4. The airline company choice can determine how much you will pay for first class seating. For example, to fly first class while traveling within North America is not so impressive. Delta is one of the airline companies that provides their first class passengers with added leg space, a drink, and an upgrade with their meal, no major luxuries. If you are flying to places further afield on airlines such as British Airways, Air France, or Singapore Air, then these are luxury airlines that provide first class seating, areas and services which are more luxurious.

  5. Consider the Expense First
  6. Those who are traveling within North America can expect to pay up to $1500 for first class seating, in comparison to $500 for economy seating. Is the thousand dollar difference for one ticket really worth the cost? Just stop for a second, and think about all you and your spouse could do with an extra two thousand dollars on your honeymoon. You can rent a private yacht, go to the five star spa, or have a romantic dinner with your very own chef. Consider the cost to fly first class and see how best you might spend the money on your honeymoon.

  7. The Aircraft
  8. You probably don’t even think about the aircraft when you are booking your tickets for your honeymoon, but you should. It is very important to know the type of aircraft. Older airplanes don’t offer their first class passengers with any up to date services. The newer, smaller aircrafts just don’t have the extra space to give to their first class passengers either. Many times the aircrafts only offer single row seating, which means you may not even be sitting next to your spouse.