Mexico Timeshares at Villa Group: Are They Safe?

Mexico timeshares at Villa Group

Anyone that would like to purchase a Mexico timeshare at the Villa Group should know that there is a chance that a Villa Group timeshare scam may happen. Are the Mexico timeshares at Villa Group safe? Yes, the Villa Group has been a reputable timeshare provider for many decades and their timeshares are not scams. However, anytime you deal with any outside parties that falsely claim that they work for or with the Villa Group you may become a Villa Group timeshare scam victim. You can protect yourself if you follow the tips below that we have provided, so you won’t be a Villa Group timeshare scam victim and will be able to enjoy years of great vacations, too.

Mexico timeshares at Villa Group

Caution – Villa Group Vacation Club Scam

There are thousands of happy Villa Group timeshare members that appreciate and are extremely happy about their investment. The Villa Group Resorts are a genuine vacation club! Once you become a Villa Group timeshare member, you will be able to vacation in spectacular Mexico, and this will be your home away from home retreat. Why wouldn’t you want to spend your vacations at a luxurious resort where the staff greets you with a friendly smile? In Mexico, the Villa Group has many lovely resorts located at the most popular beach towns such as Cancun, Riviera Nayarit, Puerto Vallarta, Loreto, and Cabo San Lucas, and with the exchange program with the Villa Group you can spend your vacation at other resorts. You get the best of the best with the exchange program as you will have adventures, quality services, and the value that you want.

Villa Group Timeshare Scam to Avoid

The best way to avoid becoming a Villa Group timeshare scam victim is to only purchase your timeshare directly from the Villa Group. When you do this, you are essentially eliminating all risk of fraud. However, if you encounter someone that is not affiliated with the Villa Group or someone that claims they are employed with a third party organization, you should beware. Sometimes the scammer will even take you on a tour at the resort, but they will will promptly whisk you away and ask you to sign the contract elsewhere. If this happen, beware! You are likely dealing with a Villa Group Timeshare scam situation! These dishonest scammers often pretend that they are representing the Villa Group and other legitimate timeshare companies so they can attempt to sell you a Villa Group timeshare that they don’t even legally have rights to.

The Resale Villa Group Timeshare Scam

Everyone should avoid the resale Villa Group Timeshare scam. The Resale Villa Group Timeshare scam involves when a scammer claims they will help you by selling your existing timeshare. These type of scamming companies are committing fraud and their service is illegal. A scammer will talk you into selling your Villa Group timeshare membership by telling you they have a buyer for the timeshare, but before the scammer can sell your timeshare they will ask you to pay an upfront fee or enrollment fee so they can start the selling process. There have been many unsuspecting Villa Group timeshare owners that have fallen for this popular Villa Group timeshare scam. The innocent timeshare owners pay the upfront fee, then shortly after they find out they were scammed.

Are Mexico timeshares at Villa Group safe? As you can see, they are safe if you purchase the timeshare from the Villa Group directly. You should always stay away from any third party companies to protect yourself. Follow these tips and you will not become another Villa Group timeshare scam victim.


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Mexico Timeshares at Villa Group: Are They Safe?
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