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Are you sure you have never been scammed?


You may be surprised to read that there are many consumers who have been scammed without ever realizing it; they may have entered into a bogus competition, paid money to a fake charity, or invested in a fraudulent business opportunity. If this is the case they may find that their details are on things known as “suckers lists”; these are lists which contain the names and contact details of people who have “bitten” in the past. Scammers buy and sell these lists on the premise that people who have been fooled once can be duped again, which is why, at the moment, recovery scams are very much on the rise.

What is a recover scam?

A recovery scam will target consumers who have been involved in an initial scam. Perhaps you were sold bogus insurance or you have paid money for a product online that never arrived. Another fraudulent company (sometimes, it is the same people that scammed you the first time around) will then contact you to offer a recovery service, class action suit or consumer advice etc. The trick is that these services will cost you money.

So, how can you avoid being caught up in a recovery scam even if such people have your contact details?

Read on to find out how to protect yourself:

1. Before you use a company which claims they can recover money, prizes, or donations for you it is imperative that you ask what specific services they, the company, provide and what the costs are. You should then check out the company through the Better Business Bureau and other such sites which have been put in place to protect consumers.

2. Never believe anyone who claims to represent a government agency if they ask you to wire money before an investigation; if they ask for a fee up front they are definitely running a scam. If you are approached by such a person do not hesitate to contact the authorities.

3. Never give out your credit card or banking details in an attempt to recover money, goods, or donations.

4. Never pay a company or individual before you are satisfied with the goods or services provided.

Remember, the people who run such fraudulent activities are experts and have often been doing it for years. Protect yourself by knowing how scammers operate! And remember; if it sounds too good to be true it most likely is!

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