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Legitimate Timeshare Solutions

Timeshare Solutions

Timeshare memberships have been around for a long time, and while they have lagged in the past they are now becoming more and more flexible, relevant, and beneficial for working families and individuals of all persuasions. Timeshare memberships allow people to experience some of the best resorts in the most desirable tourist locations across the world!

Timeshare solutions in the form of Fixed Weeks

When the timeshare industry first started out it was the norm to offer fixed week timeslots in set units; this was perfect for the average working family 20 or 30 years ago as they tended to have the same 2 weeks off each year. This was less than flexible, however, and as time marched on it became less and less viable.

Timeshare solutions in the form of Floating Weeks

“Floating” weeks were the natural next step for the timeshare industry. This style of membership allowed members to move their vacation time across a set season, e.g. summer, winter, fall, and so offered greater flexibility and freedom.

Timeshare solutions in the form of Points Based Vacation Clubs

Today it is most common to find a points-based timeshare solutions in use in the majority of big timeshare companies; the concept is that rather than buying set weeks or a set amount of time, you purchase points equivalent to a set amount of time in certain accommodation. The benefit of this is that you can split your points and use them in many ways.

You can take short vacations in luxury accommodation, long vacations in budget units, or many short getaways across the year. Better yet, some providers even allow you to use your points for special treats like spa treatments, in unit chefs, or all-inclusive meal plans. You can do whatever you like, really, so long as you have the points to cover it. This type of membership is full of useful timeshare solutions.

Timeshare solutions in the form of Exchange Companies

The flexibility of the new timeshare model is further increased by its compatibility with exchange networks like Interval International and RCI. Networks like this allow timeshare members to exchange their points for time in other resorts across the world. These networks are an investment in your future vacations; you can see the world using your timeshare membership, so you’ll definitely never get sick of your membership.

BEWARE – Cancellation Attorneys do not offer legitimate Timeshare solutions

In the 1980s fake timeshare providers were the main danger, but as the industry has become more and more regulated they have become increasingly rare. The main scammers, now, are those who try to make money from timeshare owners who are looking to be rid of their membership for whatever reason. These cancellation scammers cannot break your contract, and will in fact leave you in a heap of debt and trouble before disappearing.

If you feel that you have ground for cancellation your first point of contact should be your timeshare provider, or a solicitor. Never trust anyone who cold calls you to offer a cancellation or “refund” service like this.

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