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Mexican Timeshare Solutions: Scam Alert

Email scam alert from a timeshare scam company

Have you been curious about timeshare ownership in Mexico, and would like to know the facts about Mexican Timeshare Solutions? The truth is, they are a fraudulent cancellation company that gets rich by operating timeshare scams. In order to dupe their victims, they will even misuse and misrepresent legitimate provider names. They will tell existing vacation club members that they can offer cancellation services that they are unable to do. You don’t have to become another victim of a timeshare scam. Instead, read below to learn about Mexican Timeshare Solutions scam alert! 

What Does Mexican Timeshare Solutions Do?

Mexican Timeshare Solutions is a company that scams existing vacation club members by telling them they can cancel their contract. However, if you read through your membership contract, you will see that you can only cancel during the few days after you signed the contract. After that, nobody can cancel your membership legally. Despite this fact, Mexican Timeshare Solutions will provide false and misleading information about legitimate providers in order to scam unsuspecting vacation club members. For example, Mexican Timeshare Solutions will tell people that legitimate providers such as the Villa Group Resorts are scammers. Some members fall for their scam and end up paying a lot of money to this scamming company. You can prevent yourself from becoming a victim to their ploys by only dealing with your current provider. 

Villa Group Resorts – Who Are They? 

Who are the Villa Group Resorts? The Villa Group Resorts is a legitimate timeshare provider that provides excellent services and has amazing vacation packages. If you are a member, you will prepay for future vacations at today’s low rates, which saves you money in the long run. To become a member with the Villa Group timeshare, you will need to attend a sales presentation. There, you will learn all the details of timeshare ownership and financial obligations. Plus, you will get to get a tour of the property, too. If you decide to become a member, then you will sign the membership contract, and you will have 5-14 days to cancel your membership. This is known as the cooling off period. After this time has passed, you or no one else can cancel your membership, and that includes Mexican Timeshare Solutions. 

Scams – Villa Group Timeshare

The first thing you need to know is that the Villa Group timeshare is not and has never been scammers! On the contrary, they have almost four decades in the business, and the ARDA (American Resort Development Association) has recognized them as being a legitimate vacation club provider. If you read anywhere that they are scammers, then you are probably getting that information from the true scammers, Mexican Timeshare Solutions. They spread false information and lies about the Villa Group timeshare program in order to make money off innocent victims. The truth is, the Villa Group has 9 luxurious resorts in top vacation destinations in Mexico. At the end of this year (2020), they will be opening the Villa La Valencia, a brand new resort in Cabo. 

Nine Amazing Resorts in Top Vacation Destinations in Mexico 

If you are an existing vacation club member with the Villa Group, you can stay at the top vacation destinations in Mexico. Resorts are located in Riviera Nayarit, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo, and the Islands of Loreto. Each resort comes with many amazing amenities such as multiple swimming pools onsite, several restaurants, spas, and beautiful landscaping. The best vacation club to join in Mexico is with the Villa Group Resorts. Remember, make sure you stay away from Mexican Timeshare Solutions, because they only want to scam you and steal your money. 

As you have just read, you should avoid Mexican Timeshare Solutions, scam alert! They should be avoided completely. You and your family deserve the best vacations, and you can get that with the Villa Group Resorts!

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