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Puerto Vallarta’s Best Locations for Photo Ops

Puerto Vallarta’s Best Locations for Photo Ops

Taking pictures during vacations and new adventures is very popular with people so they can post them on their social media accounts to share them with their family members and friends. It has become so easy to grab a great picture shot just about anywhere, but sometimes finding the perfect photo opportunity is a game, too. Will you be in Puerto Vallarta soon, and you are wondering where the best places are that you can take some great pictures? Continue to read below to learn the best 3 Puerto Vallarta locations for photo ops. 

  • Photo Op #1 – Hike to Cerro de La Cruz: If you enjoy hiking and searching for Puerto Vallarta’s best locations for photo ops, then you will want to check out Cerro de La Cruz. To get to Cerro de La Cruz you will have to hike up a ton of stairs to reach the top. To begin, you will need to go to the Malecon, which is located on the waterfront in downtown Puerto Vallarta. Starting near the Mandala club on the malecon, you can continue to head inland and upwards along Calle Abasolo. Get ready to work up a sweat as you will keep hiking upwards and upwards until you finally reach the top. Just east of Downtown Puerto Vallarta is the Cerro de La Cruz, and this is where you will see amazing views of the Banderas Bay and Puerto Vallarta. Many locals regularly enjoy this spot as it has tranquility, and hikers love the workout that is required to reach this amazing spot. The views that you will see at the top include panoramic Banderas Bay and Pacific Ocean vistas including Los Arcos, and the city of Puerto Vallarta. This is one of the top Puerto Vallarta’s best locations for photo ops. 
  • Photo Op #2 – The Iconic Puerto Vallarta Sign: Just about every town in Mexico has their own classic city block letter sign, and Puerto Vallarta is no exception. The Puerto Vallarta sign is located on the Malecon boardwalk near the iconic Los Arcos arches and the central plaza. The sign is adjacent to the “Seahorse Statue” on the boardwalk, and it was unveiled during the World Tourism Day in 2016. Famous artist and sculptor Carlos Terres created the Puerto Vallarta sign, and Terres also worked on the iconic crown of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Church, which is near Puerto Vallarta’s central plaza. The Puerto Vallarta sign has many of the area’s traditional designs, which makes for the perfect photo op for your vacation. The Puerto Vallarta sign has been moved around several times including spots in the Marina and near the Amphitheater, but currently it is back at home right on the Malecon Boardwalk. Don’t miss this great spot for taking a memorable photo of your PV vacation!
  • Photo Op #3 – The Renovated Puerto Vallarta Pier: The renovated Puerto Vallarta Pier is another top place to take a picture. On January 4th, 2013, after 3 years of renovations, the updated pier was unveiled with music, fun, and fireworks. Jose de Jesus Torres Vega designed the pier, and Torres Vega also won the Mexican Biannual Architecture Prize contest for his renovations. Currently, the Puerto Vallarta Pier is a great place to take a picture while on vacation. In the evening, the pier lights up and looks like a sailboat sailing, which is an amazing site and perfect photo op. Visitors can also jump on a water taxi from the pier to explore the Banderas Bay and you can book a water taxi to take you to some of the most beautiful and pristine beaches south of town such as Quimixto, Yelapa, Las Animas, and Mismaloya. 

You have just read Puerto Vallarta’s best locations for photo ops. Puerto Vallarta has a mixture of old charm and modern conveniences that everyone loves, and the natural beauty of the area is simply incredible. Want to enjoy the best vacations in the area as a A Villa Group vacation club member? Villa Group vacation club membership allows you to enjoy the best vacations, without breaking the bank. You should contact the Villa Group today to schedule a property tour. You can now choose from Puerto Vallarta’s best locations for photo ops to take your pictures. Are you ready?

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